Awesome Midwest Book Review for Mice and Spiders and Webs…Oh My!

Pinnacle Achievement Winner

Pinnacle Achievement Winner

I’m so thrilled to share this awesome review from the prestigious Midwest Book Review!

Midwest Book Review – Picturebook Shelf – August 2015

Mice & Spider & Webs… Oh My!

Seventh in a series of successful educational books for children, “Mice & Spider & Webs… Oh My!” is a rhyming story about learning to be a good listener. Rosemary is a school child who tells her mother she is afraid to go to school because the teacher told her she would have a mouse. Not only that, but Rosemary was also fearful of spiders, which she was sure would be in the classroom because her teacher was talking about webs. Oddly enough, this was all to be only for females. So Rosemary’s mom talked to Mrs. Eddy her teacher, only to discover that she was telling her class about a new surprise, computers that speak, and have RA M and ROM. The mouse is a computer mouse, used to select, and the web is the internet, where the class would write news on the web’s school page. The “only for females” information Rosemary mis-heard was supposed to be “e-mail,” another listening glitch. Integrated into the illustrations of “Mice & Spider & Webs…. Oh My!” are pictures of some of the author’s other books. The last page of special notes also repeats special computer terms used, and asks the reader, “Are you a good listener?” “Mice & Spiders & Webs… Oh My!” is a winner for children age 6 and up, with plenty of humor and action to keep attention riveted.

Sherrill S. Cannon, author       KJ of Kalpart, illustrations

Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.

9781631359491, $13.00,

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