Nice Endorsement from!

Thank you to Bud Collier for the nice endorsement!!

Imbullyfree Endorsement

Imbullyfree Endorsement

Another nice comment from a Fan:

“If you’re looking for books about manners and bullying, Sherrill S. Cannon has written several wonderful ones! She is an important member/supporter of our fight against bullying and I can’t tell you how much we adore all she does for our children! Go check out her page and order your books now!”…Michelle

If you wish to help, please go to the Imbullyfree Fundraiser Site where 50% of the cost of the books goes to…  There is a place on the order form to leave a child’s or other loved one’s name to be included in my 2016 release, The Golden Rule.

Please click here: Imbullyfree Fundraiser

Let’s stop bullying early!!!

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