Thank you, Rita, for the Comments from your Kiddos

I love getting messages about comments from children about my books.  A friend (and fellow-author) who runs a Day-Care commented:

5 Awards...How A Bully Learns to Share!

5 Awards…How A Bully Learns to Share!

Their very favorite is Gimme Jimmy and are so obsessed with this hand growing…lol…

They wanted me to send you a message. It goes like this…. “Dear Awesomest Author, we love your books so much, especially Gimme Jimmy, when you have time, can you write your next book about Farm animals on a Dairy Farm?, we would really like that!!”… Love Rita’s daycare kiddos 🙂

(I had to tell them that my next book will be The Golden Rule, but perhaps they would like their names in the book?)

Gimme-Jimmy will be a part of the 2016 MultiCultural Children’s Book Day Event in January.

Thank you, Rita Kaye Vetsch, author of the fabulous award-winning book, The Many Colors of Friendship, for sharing!

Please click here to view Rita’s book:  The Many Colors of Friendship

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