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Nice Post from a Parent!

Thank you to Pauline Sedlock Plotner Lenz who posted:

The Golden Rule - Treat others the way you'd like to be treated.

The Golden Rule – Treat others the way you’d like to be treated.

“Wondering what to add to your child’s Easter basket this year? I would strongly suggest these books written by Sherrill S. Cannon!!! Seriously, these books are written in the perfect way that children can understand and learn some great coping skills!!

The illustrations are just beautiful, bright and colorful that will hold the attention of your children. Have a tiny ankle-nipper too young to read? Perfect for bedtime or just down-time reading by any adult too!! Bond with your child, and teach them to enjoy books like you did when you were young. Nothing beats hugs and quiet time reading..

Peter is a Rabbit! Happy Easter!!

Peter is a Rabbit! Happy Easter!!

Peter and The Wimper-Whineys” would be great for an Easter basket, but my favorite is her new one called “The Golden Rule“, because Kinser’s name is mentioned in the back of the book! 🙂

And……….. Sherrill donates a whopping 50% to the Cure JM Foundation to help us find a cure!! That is why we love her, well that and she writes some really cute books.. 🙂

50% of the cost of award-winning books by author Sherrill S. Cannon through the CureJM Fundraiser will go directly to the Cure JM Foundation. Thank you for your support!”

Please click here for CureJM Fundraiser:

Thanks so very much, Pauline, for sharing…

Book Reading for Grand View Elementary

Reading to the favorite activity!

Reading to the favorite activity!

I had a wonderful morning yesterday, reading to all the 2nd graders as well as some 3rd graders at Grand View Elementary school.  This is my third year of sharing with the students there, and it is very rewarding to have so many interested, smiling faces.  They seemed to enjoy The Golden Rule,  and it was fun to see how many of them recognized former characters from my previous books.  It’s also fun to have them request re-reading of favorites!  (Peter and the Whimper-Whineys, Gimme-Jimmy and Manner-Man were the most popular requests in yesterday’s reading.)


The students also  liked the fact that the Grand View is the name of the school in The Golden Rule.  Grand View was named a Blue Ribbon school in 2015, which is quite an honor.

Thank you, Grand View, for a grand morning…!!!

Please Meet Abby, My Future-Author Kid Reviewer

It's As Sweet As Sugar

It’s As Sweet As Sugar

Please meet Abby, my Future-Author Kid Reviewer.

She said:

“It’s pure awesomeness! I like that it’s all poems and it’s as sweet as sugar.”

Short and sweet…I predict she will be writing her own books in the future!

This is Abby’s first review for me, although her older sister Olivia has been one of my fans for quite a few years…and sharing the books with Abby.

It’s fun to have sisters involved, and it’s nice to see Abby is now reading them herself!Abby2crop

Thanks so much, Abby! Sending love…

As a follow-up, Abby’s Mom just commented:

“She loved matching up the characters from the other books! She wants to bring it into school to share with her classmates. I think it’s a perfect book for 2nd graders to read.”

Please Meet Daisy, my Video Star Kid Reviewer

Daisy Loves The Golden Rule

Daisy Loves The Golden Rule

Please meet little miss Daisy, my 5-yr-old Kid Reviewer Video Star, whose Mom informed me that her first remarks about the cover were: “Awwww, they’re all holding one of her books! Look! Gimme-Jimmy is holding his own book.”

Her Mom was kind enough to make a YouTube video of Daisy’s review, which I am happy to share…

Daisy is one of my CureJM kids as well. She faces monthly infusions and debilitating reactions, causing her to suffer greatly and have to miss school frequently. One day she announced to her mother that she was so happy that she was able to get though an entire day at school “just like a regular kid”.

So Daisy and many of my other Kid Reviewers can benefit from participation in my CureJM Fundraiser at CureJM Fundraiser where 50% of the cost of the books goes to the CureJM Foundation. Please help us find a cure!!

(My books are also part of a similar fundraiser for at  Daisy doesn’t like bullies either!)

Thanks so much, Daisy, for sharing your story with me! Sending love…

Please meet Aly, my creative Kid Reviewer!

Please meet 6-yr-old Alyssa, one of my “Kid Reviewers”, who proves that a picture is worth a thousand words…

Aly16 copyHer mother adds, “Can you understand what it says?

Though basically it means that she loved it.  Many thanks.”

Just in case:

  1. The brother and sister are looking for something great.
  2. I think they are looking for the ruler but it turned to be a rule
  3. It is important to be nice

Thank you, Sherrill S. Cannon

(Incidentally the “Sherrill S. Cannon” looks just like the font in the title!!)

How about that last line? It is important to be nice

No more words necessary, other than

Thank You, Aly! I love your review… and you!!!

Introducing Cassie, my Teen Jr. Reviewer!!

cassiePlease meet Cassie, my Teen Jr. Reviewer, who has reviewed my last three books. She was also in one of the illustrations in My Fingerpaint Masterpiece as a teenager spectator.

Since her niece is a 5-yr-old, she is able to read to her as well…so I get the benefit of the opinions of both age levels! (Fortunately, they both agree!!)

“Hi Sherrill – This is my review:

The Golden Rule by Sherrill S. Cannon is a great book that teaches kids to treat others how they would like to be treated. It has a lot of great points for kids to learn. I thought that it was cool how Sherrill made it sound like a game, the way she had kids searching for the ruler and then they realized it was the “Golden Rule”. It’s an all around cool book for kids of all ages to enjoy. Any age can get valuable lessons from this book and run with it! Sherrill, I loved reading the book, and keep up the awesome books!!!!”

Thanks, Cassie

Thanks, Cassie

Not only is Cassie another of my Cure JM kids, requiring monthly medical infusions, but she also suffers from Juvenile Arthritis, and has hearing loss in one of her ears. In spite of all of this, she has a wonderfully positive and inspirational attitude.


Two Fans

Two Fans

She was also recently part of the Texas Jr Miss pageant, and is a spokesperson for the Imbullyfree organization.

Imbullyfree Spokesperson

Imbullyfree Spokesperson

Cassandra is truly beautiful, inside and out!!  

Thanks so much, Cassie for endorsing my books.