Awesome Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Review for The Golden Rule

5-Star Review!

5-Star Review!

Thank you so much for this awesome review!!

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

The Golden Rule is a children’s concept picture book written by Sherrill S. Cannon and illustrated by Kalpart. Robert wants to see if he can find the ruler his mom was talking about. She said it was old, but, better yet, that it was gold. He thinks that if he and his sister can find it, they can sell it. They decide to go looking for it and end up searching all through the classrooms at their school. After finding nothing but an old plastic ruler, Kait, his sister, wondered if the ruler was something they couldn’t see, and Robert starting thinking. Maybe it wasn’t a ruler their mom was talking about but a rule — one that would show you how to treat others, like the other kids at school and your friends.

Sherrill S. Cannon’s concept picture book for children, The Golden Rule, is entertaining and fun while it also presents guidelines for kids to follow in their interactions with others. Cannon’s rhyming verse is clever and brims with enthusiasm, and Kalpart’s brightly colored illustrations fit the storyline perfectly. I was pleased to see that the story covered so many important social issues facing children, especially the problem of bullies and how to react to them and get help from an adult, sharing, and giving freely to others in need. She even includes one of my own favorite golden rules, paying it forward, in this delightful and instructive work. The Golden Rule is a perfect story time selection for reading aloud as well as an excellent choice for children who have outgrown their first primers. The Golden Rule is most highly recommended.

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