Please Meet my Kid Reviewer, Ashlyn!

Ashlyn, my Kid Reviewer

Ashlyn, my Kid Reviewer

Please meet the first of my “Kid Reviewers”, 5-yr-old Ashlyn, who has been a big fan since she was quite little! This is her review of The Golden Rule, as posted by her mother:

“Ashlyn Rainn is not old enough to write her own review but she is smart enough to voice her opinion. “The Golden Rule” according to Ashlyn, is an awesome book. She loves the book and the meaning behind it. She was so excited getting to the climax of the story. She couldn’t wait to find out what the golden rule was. She got thrilled by the end of the book and then started pulling all her other Sherrill S. Cannon books out for me to read to her because those are her favorite books of all time. Thank you Sherrill for writing awesome books. This is the newest book just released by author Sherrill S. Cannon. The Golden Rule or any of Sherrill’s other books, please shop through the link. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Cure JM. (

Her mother Donna also posted:

“❤❤❤Ashlyn goes nuts over Sherrill S. Cannon books. They are the best children books by far for teaching valuable lessons without the child really knowing that they’re learning. I love these books.”

This relationship started when Ashlyn was just 3-yrs-old

“We all love your books and think that you are a fabulous author, the next Dr. Seuss. We love you. You gave us a 3 year old child that wants to read books with us. Until we had your books, she would not sit down to read any book. Now Ashlyn comes up and begs us to read the books to us. Thank you again.”

And later…

“How do you do it? This book is GREAT! I love it and the illustrations are

Budding Artist...

Budding Artist…

fantastic. You always manage to impress me and I am not easy to impress. I love your writing. You are amazing. The kids love this book too. You are an outstanding author. Love it!”

As well as..

“That book Mice & Spiders & Webs…Oh My! Is fantastic. Ashlyn loves all of your books, but got this one and like the rest, she can’t get enough. We love your books…”

Favorite Fans!

Favorite Fans!

Of course the fact that Cassandra, who is one of my Jr. Reviewers for the most recent three books, is Ashlyn’s aunt is very helpful. Cassie reads to Ashlyn!!!   So please stay tuned for Cassie’s review in my next post!!


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