Introducing Cassie, my Teen Jr. Reviewer!!

cassiePlease meet Cassie, my Teen Jr. Reviewer, who has reviewed my last three books. She was also in one of the illustrations in My Fingerpaint Masterpiece as a teenager spectator.

Since her niece is a 5-yr-old, she is able to read to her as well…so I get the benefit of the opinions of both age levels! (Fortunately, they both agree!!)

“Hi Sherrill – This is my review:

The Golden Rule by Sherrill S. Cannon is a great book that teaches kids to treat others how they would like to be treated. It has a lot of great points for kids to learn. I thought that it was cool how Sherrill made it sound like a game, the way she had kids searching for the ruler and then they realized it was the “Golden Rule”. It’s an all around cool book for kids of all ages to enjoy. Any age can get valuable lessons from this book and run with it! Sherrill, I loved reading the book, and keep up the awesome books!!!!”

Thanks, Cassie

Thanks, Cassie

Not only is Cassie another of my Cure JM kids, requiring monthly medical infusions, but she also suffers from Juvenile Arthritis, and has hearing loss in one of her ears. In spite of all of this, she has a wonderfully positive and inspirational attitude.


Two Fans

Two Fans

She was also recently part of the Texas Jr Miss pageant, and is a spokesperson for the Imbullyfree organization.

Imbullyfree Spokesperson

Imbullyfree Spokesperson

Cassandra is truly beautiful, inside and out!!  

Thanks so much, Cassie for endorsing my books.


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