Please Meet my International Kid Reviewers, Tristan and Kallista, of Castleview Academy

Tristan reads to Kallista

Tristan reads to Kallista

Tristan (8) and Kallista (5) are my International Kid Reviewers for The Golden Rule.  They live in Northern Ireland and their mother has a lovely blog at Castleview Academy.

Please click below for the complete review, including a wonderful printable certificate to help children practice the Golden Rule!

Here is Kallista’s Review:

“I like The Golden Rule.  I like the way the rule goes.  The shiny rule is not a thing that you measure with and it’s not a tool, and also it’s not ruler.  It’s a rule. 

I like the bit where the lightbulb comes out of the boy’s head because he was thinking.

The picture of the popcorn makes me hungrier!

I learned to treat people the way you like to be treated is the rule.  I quite like the story.  I recognise some of the people that are in the book from Sherrill’s other books; Gimme Jimmy, The Magic Word, Mannner Man, Mice & Spiders & Webs…Oh My! and Peter and The Wimper Whineys.

I love having my name in a book.  Thank you, Sherrill!!!!!!”

Here is Tristan’s Review:

“I give this book 20 stars out of 10! I like all of it, especially the part where Robert sends an email to Sherrill S. Cannon because I think it’s quite funny.

I would recommend this book to adults and kids.  Adults because they don’t use it (The Golden Rule) often enough.

It feels like it’s quite long, when it is actually quite short, which is a good thing because reading is good for you.  I like reading it to Kallista, Mommy and Daddy.

I like the cover, it has all of the books (by Sherrill) on it.

Sherrill’s the best author!! I think The Golden Rule is the best book she’s made so far.”

Here is the full Blog, including the videos:

The Golden Rule with Printable Certificate

I love that in addition to the written review summary, each child has contributed a video.  Little Kallista shows us the illustrations as she reviews the book.  Tristan has awarded the book 20 out of 10 stars (now that’s awesome!) and I’m very impressed that he also is able to read one of the pages upside down!  Future teacher?

Please enjoy…

2 thoughts on “Please Meet my International Kid Reviewers, Tristan and Kallista, of Castleview Academy

  1. Crystal

    Thank you for the opportunity to see your brand new book! It’s definitely come in handy recently 😉 I think it’s interesting that the children think more adults need to read it as not everyone behaves as they should.

    Upside down reading is one of Tristan’s new ‘tricks’ and he finds it quite fun – he reads with a flashlight at night – but I’m not sure at which angle.

    We’ve no doubt that The Golden Rule will soon be bringing in awards for you just as your previous books have done.

    Have a great year travelling!



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