Thank You to Rita’s Daycare Kiddos

Worth 1000 Words

Worth 1000 Words

A picture’s worth a thousand words…but here are 186 amazing words from Rita Vetsch to share!

Here is the photo of the kids holding your book! They absolutely LOVED it!! You see, this week in daycare was a rough week. There was a lot of pushing, fighting and little sharing going on. This book came in just in time. We read it on Thursday, just fresh out of the mailbox. And guess what? It helped SO much. It got the children talking about what it takes to be a good person who shares and is kind to their friends. As Friday came, the children ran into my daycare and embraced the book once again. They pleaded for me to read it once again to them and I did. Friday went a lot smoother and there was more sharing and acts of friendliness then there had been all week. Your message got into their little brains and made sense to them! They loved the book and I am thankful that you sent it when you did. It was the little miracle that we needed this week. The kids give it 100 thumbs up and so do I. Thank you Sherrill, you are amazing!!

Thank you so much for sharing!!!

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