100 Stars for a 100 Star Review!

Treat others the way you'd like to be treated

Treat others the way you’d like to be treated

This is an awesome review and means a lot to me – not just because it’s an extremely positive review, but because it captures so perfectly the intent of the book!  I always try to teach something with my books, disguised as fun stories of course, but this one is more specific…The Golden Rule is all about being kind to one another, with examples of how to do so.  My heart is smiling!

The Golden Rule IS the Golden Ticket!!
By Rita K. Vetsch on March 21, 2016

“The Golden Rule is a powerful piece of children’s literature that asks each child to treat others how they would want to be treated themselves. Sherrill S. Cannon does it yet again with another meaningful children’s book written with a touch of genius! This book is written in a fun rhyming manner which immediately engages the children’s attention. Then it holds their attention because it is a real life lesson that they can apply to their own lives. Are they being bullied or do they need to be a nicer friend to others? It teaches about sharing and being a good friend to others. I recommend this book for pre-k all the way on up through elementary school ages. I have my own in-home daycare business and was having a rough week with the children. They were fighting and not getting along last week very well. I was at my wits end and then this little gem arrived in the mail. It was JUST what we all needed. I opened it up immediately and we all sat down in a circle to read it. The children were glued to the brightly illustrated pages and it got them thinking and talking. We had a great discussion about sharing, listening and being kind to one another. It was so good, that in fact, we read it for a second time! The children fell silent and clung onto each word. After the second time I read it in a row, the children got up, proceeded to pick up the toys (without complaining) and the rest of the day were very kind to each other. I am very impressed with this book and plan to read it each week to the children because it really works and the children love it. This book is worth the small investment and is a powerful teaching tool that children will love. Thank you Sherrill for understanding children so well and knowing just how to word your books to their level of understanding. It is not over their heads at all and it is something they were excited to tell their parents about. Of course, I had parents asking where they can buy Sherrill’s books now! I read a ton of young children’s books and none as are good as hers. I look forward to many more of her awesome children’s books with great anticipation. The children give it 100 thumbs up!!! And I give it 100 Stars!”

Thank you so much, Rita!

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