Facebook and Friendship!!



Author Donalisa Helsley and I have been Facebook Friends for a very long time, and we were finally able to meet in person!  It was wonderful to spend time with her and her awesome family when they came to CA for a Soccer Showcase for daughter Jadyn – 14  (highly successful, by the way!)  I’ve watched Genesis (now 9 – who is also a soccer-star) grow up on FB, and prayed for Baby David (2) before he was born. They all had a chance to join us at our RV in Long Beach, where they inspected The Golden Rule!Helsleys16

Then we went to lunch at Rainbow Harbor… where Baby David was fascinated by all the boats (as evidenced in this photo)!


Just so you can see how cute Baby David is…and his captivating smile…( He was playing with his new friend, my husband!)


Just a note about Donalisa:  She is the author of several wonderful children’s books, including one of my favorites The Day No One Played Together, as well as The Worry Glasses, My Warp Speed Mind, and I Love You Better than Chocolate Chip Cookies.  She also has her Masters in Social Work and is a licensed clinical social worker… Please take a look at her Website at Wild About Readinghttp://www.wildaboutreading.net

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