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Storytime Pup Features Peter and the Whimper-Whineys

Storytime Pup – an innovative new kids’ TV show – is featuring Peter and the Whimper-Whineys today.  Please check it out, and add this program to your list of ways to share books with your children!!

The Golden Rule has a New Cover – Thank You, Kalpart!

3 Awards for The Golden Rule

3 Awards for The Golden Rule

Thanks to my awesome illustrator, Kalpart, who has already added The Golden Rule’s 3rd Award Sticker to the cover…

So nice to have a Mom’s Choice Award!!!

The Golden Rule receives Mom’s Choice Award

MCACongratsNice to receive this notice!

MCA_Silver_Label_2in_72dpi_Web-copyDear Sherrill,

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that The Golden Rule has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services. Congratulations!

Award Details:
The Golden Rule
Children’s Picture Books

This is my 40th Award... Fun!!!

Nice Review for Gimme-Jimmy!

5 Awards...How A Bully Learns to Share!

5 Awards…How A Bully Learns to Share!


I just received a fun “reminder” for a review of Gimme-Jimmy, thanks to Carolina DuFault and the 2016 Multi-Cultural Children’s Book Day event!

Have you read the review of “Gimme-Jimmy” by @CarolinaDuFault ? ‪#‎ReadYourWorld‬ You can read it here at Review of Gimme-Jimmy

“Gimme-Jimmy is the perfect book to be used during bullying prevention week at school, at home or any time you need to go over social skills/manners with children. And I mean children of all ages!

There is always one (or more than one) student in the classroom who needs help socializing with other children, or needs help learning how to be kind to others. Teaching with the example is one way to do it and this book introduces real life examples.

What I liked about this book is that the setting and characters are school related, so it is easy for children to identify themselves with the story. The ways in which the main character shows his behavior and manners are very realistic, and what happens to him as a consequence of his behaviors it is very funny indeed.

Since the book is written in rhyme and the vocabulary is easy for children, it is fun for a read aloud or per reading. The illustrations show diversity with children of different race. The family setting encourages the participation of the male role as a guidance, giving a break to the female role from the teaching duties.

Gimme-Jimmy is a very good book to keep in all classrooms libraries and at home for future reference.”

Awesome Midwest Book Review for The Golden Rule

Two Awards for The Golden Rule

Two Awards for The Golden Rule

I am so honored to share this wonderful Midwest Book Review for The Golden Rule.  

“The Golden Rule” is the eighth book in the author’s series of award-winning socio-educational books for early elementary children. Written in delightful verse, with a familiar cast of rainbow characters from previous beloved stories, “The Golden Rule” takes Robert and Kait on an important quest for a mysterious golden ruler mentioned by their Mom. What they discover is amazing and life changing, in fact the Golden Rule, as they uncovered its essence, is a way of opening your life to all that it can be. For in fact, they were not to find a golden ruler, but instead the Golden Rule, which is simply stated: “Treat others the way you’d like to be treated.” The children find that this means “It’s a rule that you live by, to give and to share, a way to treat others to show that you care.” What this rule actually means in daily living is described in kid friendly terms. You might offer to share your toys or books or other reading devices with kids who don’t have them. Don’t try to steal someone else’s work, or plagiarize. When someone bullies or tries to hurt you, try to empathize instead of fighting back. But tell him it is not nice to hurt others and ask an adult for help too. The concept of sharing is expanded to the marvelous idea of “pay it forward,” something children are eager to participate with. “The Golden Rule” is delightfully creative, like the author’s other books. Also a familiar feature is the placement of embedded book covers of the author’s previous popular books, which are referred to in the Author’s Special Notes section at the end. As in previous publications, 50 % of the profits of “The Golden Rule” goes to the CureJM Foundation to help find a cure for Juvenile Myositis, an incurable children’s disease. Included in the “classroom of characters’ by the illustrator Kalpart is the little girl named Addie, from CureJM. “The Golden Rule” is a five star classic with some nice new touches. Children in early elementary classes will grow towards its strong, embracing visionary message.” …The Midwest Book Review

This review is posted in the Children’s Bookwatch section of the May Issue, on the Social Issues Shelf.  The highly respected Midwest Book Review is “committed to promoting literacy, library usage, and small press publishing. The MBR publishes monthly book review magazines specifically designed for community and academic librarians, booksellers, and the general reading public.”

39th Award – Pinnacle Achievement Award for The Golden Rule!

2nd Award for The Golden Rule

2nd Award for The Golden Rule

So thrilled to share the news that The Golden Rule has won another award – its 2nd Award – a NABE Pinnacle Award winner!

This is my 39th Award!!!

2016 Pinnacle Achievement Awards

2016 Pinnacle Achievement Awards

Congratulations to the other winners as well…