Giveaway for The Golden Rule by Linda Weaver Clarke

Daisy Loves The Golden Rule

Daisy Loves The Golden Rule

There is another lovely interview and giveaway for The Golden Rule on Linda Weaver Clarke’s blog:

Click here for Giveaway: The Golden Rule Interview and Giveaway

Here’s Linda’s review: “The Golden Rule is a great reminder of how we should treat one another, for both children and adult alike. The storyline is cute, beginning with two children searching for a “golden ruler” that is said to be very valuable but then realize they misunderstood. Sherrill Cannon wrote: “It’s a rule that you live by, to give and to share, A way to treat others to show that you care.” This is a great reminder for the adult reading to a child and fun for children to listen to in rhyme.” –Author Linda Weaver Clarke

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