Nice Review for Gimme-Jimmy!

5 Awards...How A Bully Learns to Share!

5 Awards…How A Bully Learns to Share!


I just received a fun “reminder” for a review of Gimme-Jimmy, thanks to Carolina DuFault and the 2016 Multi-Cultural Children’s Book Day event!

Have you read the review of “Gimme-Jimmy” by @CarolinaDuFault ? ‪#‎ReadYourWorld‬ You can read it here at Review of Gimme-Jimmy

“Gimme-Jimmy is the perfect book to be used during bullying prevention week at school, at home or any time you need to go over social skills/manners with children. And I mean children of all ages!

There is always one (or more than one) student in the classroom who needs help socializing with other children, or needs help learning how to be kind to others. Teaching with the example is one way to do it and this book introduces real life examples.

What I liked about this book is that the setting and characters are school related, so it is easy for children to identify themselves with the story. The ways in which the main character shows his behavior and manners are very realistic, and what happens to him as a consequence of his behaviors it is very funny indeed.

Since the book is written in rhyme and the vocabulary is easy for children, it is fun for a read aloud or per reading. The illustrations show diversity with children of different race. The family setting encourages the participation of the male role as a guidance, giving a break to the female role from the teaching duties.

Gimme-Jimmy is a very good book to keep in all classrooms libraries and at home for future reference.”

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