Please Help little Emma!

Emma1Asking for prayers for little Emma Conley who is battling leukemia…  She has had to return to the hospital and her mother writes,

“Emma is back in the hospital as inpatient. Very harsh chemo. Please pray for my baby. All donations are greatly appreciated and helps with medical expenses, food, etc. ALL PRAYERS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED! WE NEED PRAYERS SO MUCH RIGHT NOW! Thank you all and love from us to you!I”

I asked her Mom if Emma would like to be a Kid Reviewer for my next book, and her mother said:

“Thank you Sherrill S. Cannon.. love to you and Emma said she would love to be a kid reviewer for you!! Thank you for the prayers!!! Love and hugs!”

There is a GoFundMe established to help with the medical expenses:

GoFundMe for Emma Conley

Please pray for Emma….

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