Story Monsters Ink Features Storytime Pup and Mentions Peter and the Whimper-Whineys

Story Monsters Ink Enjoyed!

Story Monsters Ink Enjoyed!

So delighted to discover that Story Monsters Ink

Storytime Pup

Storytime Pup

loves Storytime Pup, and the reviewer mentioned reading Peter and the Whimper-Whineys as part of the program:

Monster Reviews

Storytime Pup

by Kids Fun Channel/YouTube Reviewer: Darleen Wohlfeil

Storytime Pup is a fun and educational children’s channel that’s all about books, music, and imagination. e format encourages children to make choices in a safe and comfortable environment. They can freely choose their daily activity from several categories. Storytime Pup will read them a story book, lead them in imagination exercises, play games, or watch funny videos through his magic window. I randomly moved about the site. I first shared quiet listening time while Storytime Pup read a story about Peter and the Whimper Whineys to me. (A really great story, by the way.) Then I did an imagination exercise. We pretended to build a pizza together. First, we gathered our imaginary ingredients, and oh yes, we put on our aprons so as not to get sauce on our clothes. I pictured that I tossed my dough high in the air to stretch it out nice and at and round. What fun to make pretend pizza! Then, I wanted to play a game so I found a fun Seek & Find (hidden objects) page that looked interesting, and Pup and I searched for all the objects together. is is a great program to add to your little one’s schedule, either a perfect quiet spot during the day to cuddle and listen to a story, or an early morning spot to spend some physical fun with the imagination exercises, as you act out each step. However you choose to use the program,
it provides a useful resource for simple child development. New episodes are added every Mon./Wed./Sat. at 8:00 a.m. EST. Oh, and be sure to hit the “subscribe” button!

(Storytime Pup has also included The Golden Rule in one of it’s recent episodes, and plans to add more of my stories along the way!)

Link to Story Monsters Ink pg.46:

Story Monsters Ink Review of Storybook Pup

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