A Way to Share Books…

Thank you to Charli Riggle and her shelf of books…I hope the children will enjoy The Magic Word!

To find out more, please check out Charli’s website at catherinespascha.com

But children in poor families need books just as much as children from well-to-do families. And you can help make it possible for them to have books! There are many places that you can donate books for children who need them.
I’ve adopted a bookshelf at the Sumner Bonney Lake Family Center. The Center provides services and referrals to local families in need. Homeless families, in particular, can connect with support through the Center. And all of the families served by the Center can get books for their children from the bookshelf in the waiting room. They don’t have to pay for them. They don’t have to return them…

Box of Books to Share

Box of Books to Share  A box of books ready to go to the children’s bookshelf at the Sumner Bonney Lake Family Center.

I restock the bookshelf once a month. Some of the books, I buy at used bookstores. Some, my friends give me when they clear out their children’s bookshelves. A Good Book, a local bookstore, donates many books. And some have been donated by Multicultural Children’s Book Day and participating author Sherrill Cannon…”

Thanks again, Charli!!!

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