Fun to Meet SBPRA’s Suzann Durrette!

Traveling in an RV creates opportunities to meet friends one has never “met”!

Meeting Suzann

Meeting Suzann

I have known Suzann since my first book, Santa’s Birthday Gift, was published in 2009, but I was finally able to meet her at the Double S Ranch in Corpus Christi, TX on our coast-to-coast travels this year. Since I “thank” her in the Acknowledgements in all my books, it was fun to share a couple of my newest with her during our visit and to say “Thank You” in person!

2 thoughts on “Fun to Meet SBPRA’s Suzann Durrette!

  1. Suzann

    It was fabulous to ‘meet’ Sherrill as well. The horses have pretty much absconded with any social aptitude or sense of time I had left remaining. Nevertheless, very pleased to be here in the heat and sharing the thrill of thunderstorms with them. Stop by again when you can. Brodie is revving up for another Trifecta…(IBC DriveThru, Golf ball swat in the backyard and BB Gun target shoot.



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