Please Meet my Kid Reviewer, Abigail

I loved hearing from Abigail…

Abigail’s Favorite!

Her mother writes:

Here is my little angel, Abigail, checking out My Little Angel.

Here is her review:

“I loved it and I am bringing it to school today so I can show my class. I liked that it rhymed and that the angel made the girl sneeze and that an angel could be funny. I found all of the pictures and this is my favorite book by her.”

Thanks so much, Abigail!  (and Mom)




2 thoughts on “Please Meet my Kid Reviewer, Abigail

  1. Author Lorilyn Roberts

    Thank you for you book. What an awesome surprise. I love the words on this one especially. You did s beautiful job in the meter and the drawings are excellent. I’m keeping this one for my first.grandchild whenever that day comes.

    I’m working on book 5. Editing now. Taking chapters with me to doctors appointments. Getting there:).

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