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Top Amazon Reviewer gives Manner-Man 5 Stars!

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Thanks so much to Gisela Hausmann for her awesome 5-star review for Manner-Man!

on August 30, 2017

“Manner-man” is a fabulous book. As I read the book I thought that it is much more needed than when I was a child. In the 21st century, bullying has become a societal problem. Many parents wonder how to cope with it and how to protect their children.

Of course, like everything in life, bullying starts small. A toy is taken away, somebody is getting punched…

In her book Sherrill S. Cannon’s protagonist is encouraged to find a “solution” how to deal with this problem himself.

Here is why Cannon’s “approach” is brilliant. Not only does her protagonist learn (1) to “stand up”, (2) encourage others, thereby also (3) empowering others, he also learns to call “Manner-Man.” (Manner-Man is a super hero – in a golden suit with a huge blue “M” for Manner-Man on his chest.)

Cleverly, Sherrill Cannon rolls many elements into one super hero concept:

• Manner-Man is a cool super hero who looks for helpers (like Batman had his Robin)
• Standing up is a virtue
• everybody is working on bettering their society
• Calling “Manner-Man’ is empowering as well as liberating.

In essence it’s a double-coolness factor story. The bad guys are just bullies. They don’t empower anybody and no super hero shows up to support them.

Perfect for at home and in the classroom!
5 stars,
Gisela Hausmann, author & blogger

PS: I also appreciated that Sherrill Cannon featured boy-bullies and girl-bullies. Sadly, we learn that both genders bully others. It’s time to put a stop to that.


Another Lovely 5-Star Review for My Little Angel

Thanks so much to Brenda Chaput for her great review of My Little Angel...

Pinnacle Achievement Award Winner

 5.0 out of 5 stars

on August 29, 2017
My Little Angel by Sherrill Cannon is SWEET. I enjoyed the rhythm of this little angel book. It’s moral poetry. Small children love reciting verses that flow. Within these verses is values needed to instill safety, good manners, respect for parents and obedience to the law. Things that give children structure. The illustrations are fun to view. They’re bright and cheery. This is always a focusing point with small kids. But more than anything else, this little angel book teaches small children to follow right thinking. A real thumbs up, a five star for sure, and better than any toy. Quality. (All of Sherrill’s children books are listed in the back of My Little Angel) Handy.

Remember The Golden Rule

“No matter the color of anyone’s skin, it’s not just the outside – it’s what is within.” Literary Classics Award Winning Children’s Book Author – Sherrill S. Cannon

During this time of stress, please remember this from The Golden Rule:

Treat Others the Way You’d Like to be Treated!

Please share with your children…

Kalpart is an Awesome Illustrator

Fun to see this from Kalpart, my awesome illustrator, since many of my characters are included… Kalpart has illustrated all nine of my award-winning children’s books!

Kalpart Illustrations

How many characters can you find?

I found Manner-Man, Elisabeth from The Magic Word, Gimme-Jimmy, Santa’s Birthday Gift, and little Addie, who is my CureJM Jr. Reviewer and is one of my classroom kids in several books!!

The CureJM Fundraiser Website Updated!

I’m happy to report that the CureJM Fundraiser website, has been updated and my newest, My Little Angel, is now available as well.

As posted often:  Please remember that everyone can help by getting great books for kids and grandkids (and their friends) and support CureJM – Juvenile Myositis, an incurable children’s disease – at the same time! Please visit the on-going CureJM Fundraiser at where 50% of the cost of my award-winning children’s books goes to the CureJM Foundation. The names of many JM kids are included in my newly released 2017 book, “My Little Angel“.  Please help us find a cure for kids like Addie, Alyssa, Brookelyn, Cassie, Daisy, Dmitri, Eldon, Emma, Jaden, Kinser,Tristan, Zayden and all the other JM kids – and the many adults who also have this horrible disease!!!

Let’s help children learn to bring about a world where people treat others the way they themselves would like to be treated…


The Golden Rule recommended by Castle View Academy as one of two Kindness Books for Kids!

Treat Others the Way You’d Like to be Treated

Lovely email from Castle View Academy…  So honored to have The Golden Rule as one of the two recommended Kindness Books!!


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Kindness Books For Kids and WTRW And a Giveaway!
Crystal McClean, 09 Aug 10:00 AM

Isn’t is wonderful to see children helping each other out of the kindness of their hearts? I love to see my children thinking of their sibling as well as others. Whether it’s offering the other the last apple, or helping a librarian move tables and chairs, a little kindness makes the world go round more smoothly. This week on What To Read Wednesday we’re featuring kindness books. And once you’ve had a look through this week’s selection, be sure to enter our competition at the bottom of this post!

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Kindness Books

Each week a few of us put together a great selection of books on a given topic and bring them to you to help narrow down the choices for you.

To make things even easier for you, I have provided Amazon links to these books for both my American and British readers. Enjoy!

The Golden Rule

Pepe Builds a Nest (Stories for the Early Years)Read More

Thank you Google and the Aiken Standard… The King’s Spell performed in Aiken,SC

The King’s Spell

Thank you Google for alerting me that one of my children’s plays, co-authored with my daughter Kerry Gallagher, The King’s Spell, was part of a children’s workshop in Aiken, SC.  (All of our children’s plays are available at )

Lazy Bee Scripts

Newspaper Article – Aiken Standard News