Thank you, Heavens to Betsy!

Treat Others the Way You’d Like to be Treated

I enjoy getting news of children appreciating my books, so I am sharing this comment from Betsy Shawl, a former classmate to whom I had sent a copy of The Golden Rule.  She let me know that her long-time best friend and matron-of-honor had visited and…

“She has a grandchild (finally!!!) and she and her husband have moved to be near that daughter and child so I gave her my Golden Rule that you had so nicely given me.  This grandson is over two years old now and is off to nursery school this fall.  My friend Mary has read your book to him over and over (she reports) and he simply loves it and asks for it.  He loves the expression Heavens to Betsy so I wrote in the front that this was given to him by a friend of his grandmother, “Heavens to” Betsy Shawl.  I gather he was tickled with that.  So your book has a good home and is most appreciated (as it was here too!).”

Sharing with the children is what it’s all about!!!

Thanks, Heavens to Betsy!!

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