Thank you Castle View Academy

Fun to find!!  I love my Irish fans!!!

Thank you Castle View Academy

“Books By Sherrill S. Cannon

Sherrill s. Cannon is one of my children’s most favourite authors, and mine as well because each of her books has a moral in it.  Here are three that pertain to manners:

Manner-Man, turn those bad manners around and become a superhero for those in need!  This book even comes with a cut-out badge!  Read our full review of this book here.

The Golden Rule, What kind of world would it be if everyone treated others badly?  Let’s not even think about it, but instead learn the golden rule and make the world a better place.  You can read my full review here, and download your own Golden Rule certificate.

My Little Angel, the last of Sherrill’s children’s books, this one teaches children to listen to their conscience. You can read our full review here.”

Tristan reads to Kallista

Worth 1000 Words!!!

The Golden Rule Meets Whitehead Library, Northern Ireland

My Little Angel reviewed by the kids of Castle View Academy homeschool

Thank you Crystal!!!

Here is the full article… Castle View Academy – Books on Manners!

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