1st Review for A Penny for Your Thoughts – 5 Stars

Heads or Tails, You Win… By Jesi Scott

Poetry, as they say, is subjective. You get out of it what tends to be important to you, the individual. In this way, poetry is personal, not only to the poet, but to the reader. Sherrill Cannon’s first anthology is a compilation of truly personal experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Reminiscent of Elizabeth Barrett Browning or Christina Rossetti, Ms. Cannon’s poems run the gamut of love and the loss of it. How we question aging and looking to the future of existence without us in it are also addressed. After reading this compilation twice, I have come to realize I have several favorites, the top one being The Grandfather Clock. Winter Nuptials, To Share My Tears, Spare Me Your Love, What Is Beauty are just a few that drew me in and spoke to me, personally. Ms. Cannon certainly has a way with sonnets.
Whether you love reading poetry or not, there will be something in this anthology you can relate to, be it losing someone you love, finding them or a new love again, or simply looking at your life. A Penny For Your Thoughts is easy to read for those of you who think you don’t understand poetry, and it’s a quick read for those of you who think you don’t have time to read (though I suggest reading the poems one at a time and let the beauty of the words sink in). For poetry lovers, you will enjoy the sweetness of Ms. Cannon’s words, and the honest simplicity in their feelings.

Sherrill S. Cannon, Award-Winning Author

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