Lovely Review from a Classmate

Pinnacle Award Winner

Letter from Betsy – A Penny for Your Thoughts

I was able to start your book and fell in love with it from the first page…I am wondering how to write you what I felt as there were so many emotions running through me from beginning to end.  It was as though you lived inside me and knew exactly what my thoughts were and I couldn’t figure out how you could do that.  I kept wondering if you were just a marvelous writer or if you really had had glances of love and loss in your life.  I put myself in your place all the time and realized early on that…I was always thinking of other people I knew.  I think I liked the first part of the book the best as it was so loving and gentle, but I did find that at the end I was identifying very much with the poems about the seasons, how I was growing older and the end is in sight.  I really am impressed that you and I think so much alike.  And yet you have the most beautiful way of expressing yourself, something that I couldn’t possibly do and which would never occur to me.  There was a poem about in the middle that I almost melted away with about loss and all I could think about was our son.  It expressed my thoughts exactly and yet I can’t tell you the name of it… I wonder if this is enough of a commentary on your lovely book.  I am so grateful to you for giving it to me and I am a better person for having read it.  It was sweet, gentle, very often real and always enlightened. Thank you for my gift…The book was really perfectly done.” Congratulations!  Much love and thanks…

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