Nice New Year’s Review from Readers Favorite for A Penny for Your Thoughts

Pinnacle Award Winner

So pleased to receive the following lovely review for

A Penny for Your Thoughts from Reader’s Favorite:

Reviewed by Sarah Stuart for Readers’ Favorite

“A Penny for Your Thoughts by Sherrill S. Cannon is a collection of one hundred and fifty-four poems on the theme of the many and varied aspects of love. Beautifully illustrated with black, grey and white sketches by KJ of Kalpart, Ms. Cannon explores love and friendship, related emotions, and heartache and anguish. The three sections comprise very different views of the title subject. Love and Friendship includes A Sign, a poem about the promise of spring. Related Emotions embraces work still more diverse, appealing to children, adult lovers, and citizens of an unenlightened world. Heartache and Anguish: cold, chill, barren, loss, tears, holocaust, and death. A Penny for Your Thoughts will appeal strongly to those who venture into reading poetry for the first time.

Sherrill S. Cannon’s poetry is mainly freestyle, but the contribution I found most intriguing and unexpected were the haikus. There is one called Autumn to be found in the Related Emotions section, and another entitled Grief towards the end. Fall, amongst the Heart and Anguish collection, is the cleverest, literally falling from “The geese are flying South again” to “S”, the point at the bottom of gradually shortening lines. Every reader will have their own favourites. Mine are A Poet’s Photograph, and Forever Love, which is appropriately in the last section; it is a heart-breaker that compares love to a butterfly, delicate and easily destroyed. A Penny for Your Thoughts is a true coffee-table book; it has a poem somewhere within it for everyone.”

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