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Fun to Find Another 5-Star Fan of A Penny for Your Thoughts

Gold Medal Feathered Quill Award

How lovely to discover another 5-star review for A Penny for Your Thoughts on amazon this morning!  My heart is smiling!

5.0 out of 5 stars  

Anyone who has experienced love, loss or wonder – anyone who has loved …

February 23, 2018

Format: Paperback

“For someone who mostly reads novels, this book of poetry was a pleasant surprise. The wording, topics covered and even the placement of the words in some poems are evidence of a creative yet sensitive mind. Anyone who has experienced love, loss or wonder – anyone who has loved another, whether romantically or as a friend or as a mother, daughter, son, father, sister or brother will relate to these poems. Anyone of a ‘certain age’ or who has witnessed an aging parent’s decline will feel the heartbreak in one of my favorites, Old Woman. This is a book that can be by your bedside and picked up time and again to read a random selection of the more than 130 beautifully written poems.”

Lovely Review for A Penny for Your Thoughts

A Gold for Penny!

A lovely review from Diana Iozzia – Here is her “Thank You” Note:

Hi Sherrill,

Thank you so much for sending me a copy of your beautiful poetry. It reminded me of my lovely and my fiance’s grandmother. I cannot wait to share it with his grandmother, and it reminds me to maybe go visit my aunt and read to her memorial site one of these days.

I wholeheartedly loved it.

Thank you so much.

Here is her lovely review:

Sherrill Cannon’s poetry is beautiful, in the way that your grandmother’s voice sounded as she brushed your hair. I feel like I should be reading this book of poetry while sitting outside and breathing in morning air. I could see how lovely this book would be if read on a vacation in the countryside. This book reminds me of my aunt and her little kitchen with cute chair cushions and the nice decorations.

Mrs. Cannon’s writing is melodic and soothing, like a cup of tea with your favorite relative would be. I love Mrs. Cannon’s personification and metaphors. She often personifies things in nature, how they behave, how they hold meaning to her. I feel that if I wrote poetry, it would be something like this. There are many favorite poems in this collection, so bear with me. I really enjoyed reading these.

My favorite poems in this collection are:

“A Promise”, “A Sign” History”, “I Think of You”, “Proposal”, “The Box”, “To a Holly Tree”, “Thorns”, “Winter’s Nuptials”, “Autumn”, “Brief Meeting”, “Frozen Wasteland”, “Grandfather Clock”, “Flowers”, “My Tree”, “Peter Pan”, “Ready”, “Separation”, “The Fork”, “When Death Comes For Me”, “Winter Arrives”, “Winter Bride”, “Winter Storm”, “Winter”, “A Year”.

* I thank Sherrill deeply and wholeheartedly for sending me a copy of this book to read and review. *

Diana’s Blogsite is:

Awesome 5-Star Review for A Penny For Your Thoughts

A Gold for Penny!

Thank you so much to Poet Marta Moran Bishop for this lovely 5-star review for A Penny for Your Thoughts...

February 19, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
In years past, poetry was written and enjoyed by many, today there is the idea, including among some professors, (who I have heard say, they don’t understand poetry.) That insinuates that a good or great poem is something that is indecipherable to most.
I am not one of them, as with great poets, such as Maya Angelou, Robert Stevenson, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, there is a story in the poems, a sense of place and emotion flowing through the verses. ‘A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS,’ by Sherrill S. Cannon is one such book.
It is rich in emotion, stories flow through the verses, and tales of love and loss are ripe within its pages. It is a glorious book that should be savored from start to finish and this reader feels that one would have to be devoid of life experience not to find many in this book that do not strike a cord deep inside of them.
Ms. Cannon’s poetry takes on the issues of grief, dying, being the object of idolatry, as, in her poem Pedestal, love, loss, and letting go. A magnificent journey through life.
A few of those that struck a deep chord in me was ‘Pedestals,’ That tells us
the tale of someone who is stuck upon a pedestal and cannot become truly human for fear of losing their love. ‘The Real Me,’ that speaks of the little part of oneself that is seldom if ever shown to anyone. ‘To See The Future,’ shows us all that we might lose if we could see the future. For we would no longer be living in the present, the joy, sorrow, love, grief, beauty, and glory of life would be forever shaded with the knowledge of what’s to come. ‘Does Memory Last,’ a question each of us may ponder, when we lose a loved one or are facing death. ‘Old Woman,’ is a poignant look at the young woman that exists in all, under the veil of wrinkles and aging.
There were so many poems in this book that touched cords deeply within me, as to bring smiles to my lips, joy to my heart, thoughtfulness to my mind and grief inside of me.
A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS is an astoundingly, wonderous trip through the thoughts, life, and emotions we all go through in life.
In the pages of this book, everyone will find something that will help them grow or understand themselves better. I highly recommend it.

Lovely Review from Castleview Academy for A Penny for Your Thoughts

A Penny For Your Thoughts

My children’s favourite picture book author, Sherrill S. Cannon has just published a ‘grown up’ book of poems called, A Penny For Your Thoughts: Poems of Love and Loss (Feelings Into Words) and I am pleased to be sharing it with you on Valentine’s Day (which also happens to be Sherrill’s birthday – Happy Birthday!!).  However, I assure you this book is a good read year-round as well!

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If you have read any of Sherrill’s children’s books, you will know that she has the stereotypical rhyming of poetry down pat.  But of course, poems for grown ups do not always contain rhymes and rhythms; however, they have other ways of adding interest and fun when appropriate!  I do enjoy poetry, however I am not the biggest connoisseur, but even I recognised the haiku (my nephew’s favourite), and you’ll also find free verse, blank verse, sonnets, plays on words, and there are some fun poems that are created like little works of art with the words travelling up and down the page.  There’s lots of variety of style for every taste.

Sherrill spent many years teaching children and used poetry as way to help counsel teens through tough times.  Poetry can give rise to new feelings and perspectives and has a way of going deeper into your thoughts while still being able to keep them shrouded behind a curtain of language and nuances that may not be visible to everyone.

Poetry is a very personal way of writing and different people can read different meanings into it depending upon their own circumstances.  This is one of the things I happen to love about it (although my teachers often disagreed with my own interpretations as they didn’t align with the scholars).  But now that I’m not being graded on my answers, I like it even more!  Tristan has always been drawn to poetry, even having his very first poem published, so he was interested in reading Sherrill’s poems as well.

A Penny For Your Thoughts is divided into three main topics:

A Penny For Your Thoughts is a collection of over 150 poems within the themes of

  • HEADS…Of Love And Friendship
  • SPINNING – Of Related Emotions
  • TAILS…of Heartache and Anguish

The first section is much lighter and cheerful in scope than the following two sections which become more dark and sombre as she moves from the joys of new love to heartbreak, death, and destruction.  Currently I’m preferring the more upbeat poems such as I Think of You, Philosophy, and Thorns.  On the flip side, I can also relate to All That’s Left and Existence.

I have not read all of the poems in their entirety yet…as easy as it would be to sit down and read them at once, I’m taking my time to read one or three now and then.  Sometimes making a point to sit and relax and take my time and clear my head.  At other times this book may catch my eye as I pass by and I’ll pick it up, open it at random and have a quick read to mix up my day and take my mind off the constant movement and responsibilities, if even just for a moment or two.  Poetry is something that enables you to do this.  I have already consumed about three quarters of this book and some poems I have returned to more than once.

A Sign

In the depths of my winter

I heard a small bird – 

Braving the cold,

Bringing the word.

He gave my heart hope

As I heard him sing – 

Three little notes

Promising spring.

There are a couple of sub-themes running throughout this book on the lines of the seasons, family, memories, rebirth, growth, and nature.  Personally, I’m the most drawn to the poems where nature features.  The crocuses (croci?) are now pushing up through the earth here and remind me each year of Tristan’s early arrival.  They also have special meaning to Sherrill as well as they make several appearances.

I’m not sure if all of the poems are drawn upon Sherrill’s own love experiences, past and present, or if she’s also drawn from the lives of her children and grandchildren as they grow; or if for some she is compassionately thinking of how others will feel in particular circumstances.  Of course, a wordsmith will never reveal their secrets…and it is none of the reader’s business as we are drawn to the words and impose our own lives and emotions onto them.

I am going to admit that I am not gifted with words when it comes to revealing my emotions; so today Phil will find one of Sherrill’s poems inside his hand-made Valentine’s card.  And coincidentally, we’ve just received a book about how to write your own haiku and the children will be reading a few of Sherrill’s poems as examples.  So from education, love, and relaxation, A Penny For Your Thoughts is a book for anyone who appreciates love and romance (or the pain of loss).

If you like what you see, you can find out more about Sherrill on her webpage, or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

A Penny For Your Thoughts is available on Amazon.

Happy Almost Valentine’s Day… Books make Great Gifts!

A Gold for Penny! 2 awards

Happy Almost Valentine’s Day… (Books make a wonderful gift…)


Another 5-Star Review for A Penny for Your Thoughts

A Gold for Penny! 2 awards

I love surprises!  How nice to find this lovely 5-star verified purchase review for A Penny for Your Thoughts on amazon…

February 7, 2018

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
“Ms. Cannon’s entry into poetry is exquisite in feeling and in
its delivery with the voice from its words. It is a poetry book that should be gifted this Valentine Day to everyone with whom you want to share the heartfelt thoughts from the multi-talented award winning author of children’s books. Poetry guided the author to help counsel troubled teens throughout her teaching career. This lovely book includes verse from various forms of poetry and delivers a warmth from the depths of winter in one of the verses. The poems are lovely and giving from the heart. Read the poems and feel the emotions of love, hope, joyful memories and human experience. This is a book of poetry to experience.”
Happy Valentine’s Day to all…from a Valentine!
(I love having a Valentine birthday!!)

Midwest Book Review for My Little Angel

My Little Angel – 4 Awards

My Little Angel also received a lovely review from Lorraine of the Midwest Book Review…

My Little Angel
Sherrill S. Cannon, author
Kalpart, illustrations
Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Company
9781681819471, $12.00 paperback,

“My Little Angel” is a lovely narrative verse story about a little girl’s miniature guardian angel, named Angela, who guides her safely through all the activities of her day. Angela reminds the girl to buckle her seat belt, to be courteous and kind to others, and to do good deeds that help strengthen the spirit as well as the mind. Angela helps keep the girl safe and sound all day and all night too. She helps her to be careful and follow rules when crossing the street, and to remember to share when she plays with others. Angela lets the child know that she is always loved, and although she may feel lonely sometimes, she is never alone. After a day of pleasant activities with Angela’s guidance and continued presence, the girl goes to bed feeling safe and loved, whispering prayers for loved pets and family: “She’s my little angel, sent from above /To tell me God cares for me, shows me His love. / When I close my eyes after prayers have been said/ Angela sleeps on the top of my head.” Cheery colored illustrations and special notes from Sherrill help young readers connect to the story’s message. A beautiful successor to the eight previous children’s books in this series, “My Little Angel” is a treasure for young readers age 5 and up.” ..Lorraine – Midwest Book Review – 2017

Another 5-Star Review for My Little Angel

My Little Angel – 5 Stars!

Thank you to Ann (Ana) Morris for the lovely 5-star Review for My Little Angel.  It is so heartwarming to have other authors appreciate and review my children’s books.

5 Star review for “My Little Angel”, by Sherrill S. Cannon

Charming and Wise
By Ann (Ana) Morris on February 6, 2018

This is a charming story about a young girl with her own angel who stays with her through the day and night. Angela (the angel’s name) provides entertainment, guidance, safety reminders, and confidence to follow the guidelines her loving parents have taught her. It is a charming story with colorful and expressive illustrations.

An additional touch that provoked my curiosity was seeking out the book covers of Sherrill’s other books in the story. Very clever! I enjoy Sherrill’s wholesome and guiding stories.

Ann (Ana) Morris is an author of bilingual children’s books… Please check them out on amazon!

More from Mahi Mishal in Pakistan with The Golden Rule

How cute are these kids?

The Golden Rule!

Mahi Mishal sent me her photos, apologizing for her phone’s camera… I think they are all adorable and I love that they love The Golden Rule

Here are a few more:

Mahi Mishal Reads to Kids


Lovely 5-Star Review for My Little Angel from a Top Amazon Reviewer

My Little Angel – 5 Stars!

Thank you Gisela Hausmann for the Lovely 5-Star Review for My Little Angel

a great concept

January 28, 2018

“My Little Angel” is a very cool children’s book, and because it is not religious has a much broader appeal: the Little Angel is a kind of a “mini advisor” who encourages children to do the right thing, and praises them in an affirming way. Children can learn that they don’t have to rely on mom’s or dad’s praise but that their “imaginary advisor” supports them.

I like that, a lot. Let’s face it, these days moms and dads are busy hence it can only help to have an imaginary supporter.

Author Sherrill Cannon mentions all the do’s and don’ts, including my favorite:

“…When I ride in cars, I sit in the back, And Angela fastens my belt with a clack…”

That’s just a perfect way to put it because the wording encourages children to “be grown-ups” and do what angels do.

Adorable illustrations!

5 stars, Grandma Gisela Hausmann