Another 5-Star Review for A Penny for Your Thoughts

Winner of 7 Awards

It’s so lovely to receive 5-Star reviews!  I especially enjoy the ones that mention favorite poems…

Thank you to Christine Cazes for this one:

on July 9, 2018
“The 132 poems in A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS beautifully captures life’s emotions. Derived around the concept of flipping a coin, HEADS introduces poems of love and friendship and TAILS presents poems of heartache and anguish. Read A MOTHER BIRD’S SONG and listen to a mother bird singing her song of love which embraces the love all mothers share with their children; or THINKING OF YOU which embraces someone you love making your eyes and heart smile. Then, SPIN into related emotions with FROZEN WASTELAND where “a land of no tomorrows” turns “into sunshine from the cold”; or LOST TIME and read all about “precious time slipping away” only to realize “tomorrows just begun.” Turn to the chapter TAILS and read A SMALL DEATH asking “will they forget” or GRIEF and watch a willow silently weep. A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS allows you to pick a poem that matches the way your feel. Superb reading!”
Also, a reminder that my interview is now live on    Perhaps you can find some favorites of your own!

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