Two 5-Star Reviews for A Dime is a Sign from Readers’ Favorite

A Dime is a Sign

So thrilled to share that A Dime is a Sign has received

5-Star Review!!!

two 5-Star Reviews

from Readers’ Favorite...

Thank you to Alyssa Elmore for this first one:

Review by Alyssa Elmore

Review Rating:  5 Stars – Congratulations on your 5-star review  

Reviewed By Alyssa Elmore for Readers’ Favorite

“Envelop yourself in the tenderly flowing words of romantic poetry in the unforgettably lyrical collection, A Dime Is A Sign: Poems of Love & Loss (Feelings Into Words) by Sherrill S. Cannon. Life is full of love and loss, but at times we experience our feelings and emotions so intensely, we can’t put them into words. Allow the soft fluidity of the gentle poetry to caress your soul and bring comfort to your mind as you read through the sublime sonnets, poems, haiku, blank verse, and free-flowing verses. Each poem is meant to help convey a moment of deep emotion, and speak straight to the soul to help you better process each unique stage of love you experience. The delicately soothing words invite you to float lightly among the author’s words and get lost in love.

A Dime Is A Sign: Poems of Love & Loss (Feelings Into Words) by Sherrill S. Cannon is a breathtaking book of romantic poetry. As a school teacher, wife of fifty-eight years, mother, and grandmother, Cannon has lived her words, writing them down throughout the years to help counsel teens and friends through love and heartache. Love and romance are beautiful, but loss can be tragically painful. We often ask ourselves, “Is it worth the pain to love?” The poems in this collection have answered with a resounding, “yes.” The words moved me. Every word of every line held beauty and meaning. The poetry is based on the different stages of love — from young, new love, to older forbidden love — and the verses in this book were written to speak to both young teens and older adults.”

Please stay tuned for Review #2 tomorrow!!!

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