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A Dime is a Sign is an Ebook!

eBook on amazon!

So pleased to discover that A Dime is a Sign is now available on amazon as an eBook


I have shared the opening poem in the introduction. A Dime is a Sign Through Time notes that whenever you find a random dime, someone you have loved and lost is thinking of you.

Here is the closing one:

When I Opened My Eyes

I saw you last night!

You came to me

In a dream that was meant

To comfort me …

You let me know

It was your time to go,

And that you had sent

A sign to me …

When I opened my eyes,

I knew what I’d find:

The bright shiny dime

You had left behind …

To let me know

You would always be

Inside my heart

And part of me …

Take Along A Dime is a Sign – Poemotions!!

Find time to read…multiple devices!!

Always find time to read!!

My new word!  Poemotions!!  Poems of Emotions!!  Here they are!!!

PS – Thanks to All Author for providing these creative images…

Love This Message from my 8th Grade English Teacher

Winner of 10 Awards

What fun to get this message from my 8th Grade English teacher, Genevieve Stirling, about A Penny for Your Thoughts:

“I have been enjoying reading through your thoughtful, lovely poems. They do speak to the heart. I especially like “A Memory”. Thank you for sending me a copy.”

I feel as if I have just received an A+!!!


A Third 5-Star Review for A Dime is a Sign from Readers’ Favorite

Three 5-Star Reviews!!!

So thrilled to receive a third 5-Star Review from Readers’ Favorite for A Dime is a Sign!   

Review Rating:

5 Stars – Congratulations on your 5-star review!

Reviewed By Jamie Michele for Readers’ Favorite

“A Dime is a Sign: Poems of Love and Loss (Feelings Into Words) by Sherrill S Cannon is a compilation of poetry and the second book of verses that Cannon has released, preceded by A Penny For Your Thoughts. The poems are divided into three sections: Heads…of Love and Friendship, Spinning – Of Related Emotions, and Tales…of Heartache and Anguish. Within each section the individual poems are in alphabetical order, which to me is an appropriate nod to an author who spent years as a teacher. Most of the verses are rhythmic and lyrical, reading in almost a sing-song melody. Some, like Rainy Day Thought, are in free-form, rich with inflection and powerful choral qualities.

A Dime is a Sign is such a beautiful piece of work. My favorite is It Doesn’t Matter, which speaks of an unrequited love but does so in a way that discharges the usual somber tone that a poem about loving someone and not being loved back generally delivers. Instead, Sherrill S Cannon is somehow able to make it sound like it is okay – it’s perfectly fine – because, “For in my heart, you have a part…And with my love, you help me live.” The best way to describe how Cannon’s poetry makes me feel is with the use of the word ‘inspired’. Her heart and soul are poured out onto each page and drip from each line, and still, even when the stanza reads in a lilt of restraint, Cannon elevates the message and inspires the heart.”

Nice New Perk from Top Shelf Magazine

Two 5-Star Reviews

Thank you to Top Shelf Magazine for the Nice Feature for entering A Dime is a Sign into the 2019 Contest!


Please take a look!

A Dime is a Sign has a 2nd 5-Star Review from Readers Favorite

Two 5-Star Reviews

So thrilled to share that A Dime is a Sign has received

5-Star Review!!!

two 5-Star Reviews

from Readers’ Favorite...

Thank you to Justine Reyes for this second one:

Review by Justine Reyes

Review Rating: 5 Stars – Congratulations on your 5-star review  

Reviewed By Justine Reyes for Readers’ Favorite

“A psychic medium once said that if you find a random dime, it is a sign that someone you have loved and lost is thinking of you.” A Dime is a Sign: Poems of Love and Loss (Feelings Into Words) is a collection of poetry by Sherrill S. Cannon. It is broken up into three parts, and each part’s title uses the dime as a metaphor, and each part contains certain subject material such as love, loss, friendship, emotions and so forth.

Poetry is a tricky form of literature to fully grasp or find appealing because it has several different layers to it. Poetry is part literature, part art, and impressions are always absolutely subjective. With that said, I found myself taken aback by how much emotion Cannon’s poetry drew from me. A Dime is a Sign woke up my inner hopeless romantic. Sometimes poetry can take the heart somewhere a whole book can’t; there is something more personal between the writer and the reader when poetry is in the mix compared to a full-length novel.

Sherrill S. Cannon plays as the conduit between the reader and the lyrically crafted words. I find that when something is relatable it means a whole lot more to the reader and I believe that is why I enjoyed my time reading A Dime is a Sign: Poems of Love and Loss (Feelings Into Words). The poems we love say a lot about us as people; some of my favorite poems from Cannon’s book were “Forever,” “Parting,” and “Revelation.” I would recommend this to people who have a hard time expressing their feelings in words.”

Thank you also to Kalpart for putting the 5-Star Sticker on the cover…

(Kalpart is the illustrator of all my books…)