My Most Special Review of A Dime is a Sign

I have received the very most special review of A Dime is a Sign from Reader Views, which I am honored to share… When you read it, you will understand why…


 A Dime is a Sign 

Sherrill S. Cannon 

Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co. (2018) 

ISBN 9781949483208 

Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (11/18) 

“A Dime is a Sign” by Sherrill S. Cannon is another keeper! The book is a collection of eclectic poetry formats all focusing on putting ‘Feelings Into Words’ as noted by the subtitle. There is something special about Sherrill’s poetry that takes the reader out of their regular day and into an inward journey that heals old feelings from their past. This book contains poems about love and loss, organized into three sections: Love and Friendship, Of Related Emotions, and Of Heartache and Anguish. These parts represent the tossing of a dime (Heads, spinning, and tails). 

I loved the metaphor as I chose poems to read and decided to toss the coin, sometimes by spinning the pages to see which poem I got. This made the read fun and thought provoking as again and again I would get poems that connected with my current mood or situation! For example, I was working on a small speech for my daughter’s upcoming wedding, and the landing page was on ‘Love is Love’ which embodied the message I wanted to convey to the bride and groom…so I made it a part of my speech and will read it citing the book and author of course, during the toast or even the ceremony. 

It is hard, as usual with Cannon’s poems, to pick a favorite but the one below is one that stands out as the contrast of simplicity and depth, hand in hand with words and feelings, is evident immediately: 

A Poem 

You sent me a poem 

(I think it was you) 

Describing a moment 

That I never knew… 


A tentative feeling 

Of love in the air 

Portrayed with an image 

Of quiet despair 


As the portentous moment 

Revealing love’s joys

Was disrupted by sounds 

Of a motorbike’s noise… 


And the now broken moment 

Reduced to a page 

Of unrevealed passion 

That never could age…’ 

“A Dime is a Sign” by Sherrill S. Cannon is a collection of feelings straight from the author’s heart that will touch all readers. I recommend it to all poetry lovers, but especially recommend it to anyone searching for the words behind their feelings, words that describe unforgettable lived moments and words to heal hearts. A Five-Star collection to keep! 

This is such a very special moment for me, and my heart is smiling.  I was informed that the wedding is today…and to think that she took the time to write and post such a lovely review before she left for the wedding…and how special I feel to know that my poem will be part of that very blessed  occasion…  means more than I can say.

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