Happy 2019 Flag Day! The Re-United States of America

Happy Flag Day!  Yesterday the combined 4th grade Classes of Churchville Elementary School performed the 2nd Annual performance of our play, The Re-United States of America, by Sherrill S. Cannon and Kerry E. Gallagher.  It was very special to collaborate with my daughter for another production of this play for the students who are learning about the United States and their Capitals in such a special way. We gathered information about each state and capital and transformed it into rhyme.

The play is narrated by the local radio weather forecaster, who explains that severe weather conditions have separated the states and their capitals, and they have to strive to re-unite them.  The meteorologist helps explain, and interjects a lot of funny riddles as the play progresses.  Each student presents a rhyming couplet about a state, with a partner who identifies the capital and special features. Many songs are interspersed throughout, and the play concludes with the wonderful Tour the States YouTube video and amazing song sung by all the students.  (These kids will NEVER forget the states and capitals!)

This photo was taken at the morning performance for the entire school, which was followed by a performance for family and friends in the evening.

This is our sixth joint play production, five of which have been published by Lazy Bee Scripts and performed internationally in over 25 countries including the U.S., Canada and the U.K. All of our plays are written so that every child has his/her own lines and a special moment to shine, and are for elementary school students K-4.

For further information, www.lazybeescripts.co.uk

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