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Under Contract for Another Children’s Book!

I am delighted to announce that I am now under contract for another children’s book!!!  This one is a little different, since it’s for slightly older children (grades 2-4) and helps explain the issues and problems and possible solutions when dealing with children diagnosed with ADHD.  (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder).  It is a treatable, neurobehavioral disorder found in kids, teens and adults.  It involves moments of being inattentive, impulsive or hyperactive, which have an impact at home and at school. According to some internet statistics, It is estimated that nearly 17 million Americans are affected by ADHD.

This story originally came about several years ago, in response to a child of a friend who was diagnosed with ADHD.  I had just started writing children’s stories, and while having dinner together, I read the story of Peter and the Whimper-Whineys to David and his family.  David said to me, “I wish there was a story for kids like me…”  So now there is!  David’s ADHD is now under contract!!!

I shared the story with a friend who wrote: “You cover the symptoms and the problems they create really well and I like the the story is so hopeful and positive.  This will be so good to have in libraries and classrooms so kids can learn about ADHD kids they might know and learn to be understanding and patient with them.”  It has also been shared with a friend who is a Clinical Social Work/Therapist and several teachers. (An earlier version of this story was included in an anthology, and was shared with an ADHD support group in upstate NY.)

I look forward to sharing the story with all of you upon publication. I am delighted that my wonderful illustrator Kalpart will be illustrating this new book also.  Stay tuned (please!)




Note from a Friend Who Recently Lost Her Daughter

Winner of 4 Awards!

Love it when I get messages like this:

Had an interesting dime experience today. Walked into the grocery store  and saw a dime rolling around in a circle. The couple closest to me said it wasn’t theirs. No one else even close to me. The dime slowly came to a stop and it felt like it was meant for me.  SARA?

A Dime is a Sign is all about this…

A psychic medium once said that if you find a random dime, it is a sign that someone you have loved and lost is thinking of you…

A Dime is a Sign Through Time

If you find a dime,

You will know that I’m

Sending thoughts of love

Through the veil of time.

Ten cents with a silver shine,

A sense sent you to help remind

That someone who left you behind

Is always living in your mind.

Sending love and vibes,

Felt as psychic sighs…

The ones that you miss,

Send you a kiss…

There is also a lovely YouTube trailer for A Dime is a Sign:

Thanks for sharing…  (PS – Pets send dimes too!)

Question from a Fan of My Fingerpaint Masterpiece

Reading My Fingerpaint Masterpiece

I received the following comment, with a question from a young fan:

“I gave another of your books to my dear little friends Little Judy and her little brother Jack. When judy saw the book she said, oh we have others of those! And then she started reading to her brother. And I asked afterwards if she thought the artist was a boy or a girl and she thinks it’s a girl and I don’t think that it’s clear. But she showed me a picture that looks like somebody with longer hair than most boys wear their hair so we’re asking you to answer the question!”

Please Answer the Question?

My Answer (off the record, since whenever I ask this question at a school reading, the answer is consistently 50-50… The girls think it’s a girl, and the boys think it’s a boy…)

Here my answer for Little Judy:

She is correct, the hair is a little long, but at the time both boys & girls wore their hair at that length. And I almost didn’t use that illustration. But since the entire point of the book is seeing art from one’s own perspective, I am delighted whenever there is a discussion. For the record, I always thot he was a boy… ps. Off the record!

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”… (to use a famous quote…)

(Also, sometimes, the “Emperor’s New Clothes” approach to art… )

A Dime is a Sign has a New Award Sticker on the Cover – Thank you, Kalpart Illustrations!

Thank you, Kalpart – illustrator of all my books – for adding A Dime is a Sign‘s new Book Excellence Finalist Award sticker to the cover!

Winner of 4 Awards!

Find a Dime?…Love Sign!!!


Another Award for A Dime is A Sign – Book Excellence Awards Finalist

So happy to share the welcome news that A Dime is A Sign is a Book Excellence Award Finalist in Poetry.

“Subject: Congrats! You won a Book Excellence Award!
Dear Sherrill,

It is with great pleasure to announce that you have been selected as a Book Excellence Award Finalist for the following book and category:

Book Title: A Dime is a Sign

Category: Poetry

There were hundreds of entries from around the world and your book was selected for its high-quality writing, design and market appeal.”

This is A Dime is a Sign‘s fourth award, and my 72nd overall Book Award…

The book is an attempt to express feelings in words, and is a companion to my earlier A Penny for Your Thoughts book of poetry.  If you have loved, been loved, or have lost love, then this book is for you…

So wonderful to be able to share my poetry… My heart is smiling!

Sherrill S. Cannon Signed Books on EBay…

Just a reminder that all of my books are also available on eBay…and they can be personalized and signed!  Just put whatever personalization you would like – such as the name of the child recipient – and I will sign and mail the book(s) to you.  (I will also adjust shipping for multiple books…)

It’s been fun to see that Mice & Spiders & Webs…Oh My! has been popular on amazon lately… This book is actually a mystery book (with a surprise ending), which also teaches youngsters about computers and computer terms… not to mention how to get along in the classroom!!!   (My teen grandson remarked, …”I did not see that coming…”)

All of my other books are also available on eBay, in addition to amazon and barnesandnoble…

My author website is

Another Lovely 5-Star Review for The Magic Word

Please and Thank You

The Magic Word, winner of 6 Awards including a Gold from Readers Favorite, has received another lovely 5-Star Review from a Reading Specialist!

The Magic Word…It’s Magic!   5-Stars

“The Magic Word is a charming story by award winning author, Sherrill Cannon. Her delightful rhyming words teach every child the importance of saying PLEASE and THANK YOU! Elizabeth Keys eventually learns to say those two “magic” words! As a Reading Specialist for elementary aged children, I highly recommend this book that exposes children to the beauty of rhyme developing their phonological awareness. Cannon’s book not only supports rhyme, but teaches children the importance of social manners. The Magic Word is sure to be a child’s favorite book with its lyrical words and charming illustrations. I bought this adorable story as a gift for my niece who is building a children’s library for her newborn baby. This story is sure to put a smile on any young child’s face.”

Thanks so much to Reading Specialist Christine Cazes for this lovely review.

It’s wonderful to realize how much this book has been shared, and I thank all of you for teaching your children the importance of being kind and treating each other with respect.  There is a little poem at the end of the book too:

There is a Magic Word

To use when you’re in need

So give a smile and shout it out:

The magic word is Please!

There are some other words

That bring a magic touch:

When someone does nice things for you,

Say, “Thank you, very much!”

So thanks to all of you who have shared my books throughout the years!!!

Another Fan…Bedtime!




Fun Tidbit to Share

Just wanted to share my fun experience yesterday.  My neighbor’s grandchildren were visiting, and I had the chance to meet them.  Cecilia, age 6, has all my children’s books, thanks to her grandparents.  After I had gone back inside the house, my neighbor told me that her little brother, Thomas, asked Cecilia who I was.

She replied, “Oh that’s the girl who writes books for me!”

It still makes me laugh and my heart smile…

(For those who don’t know me, I am 79!)


Another 5-Star Review for My Little Angel

Multi-Award Winner

I received another lovely 5-star review for My Little Angel which I’m very happy to share!  This review is special, since it was written by a Reading Specialist.

“Teaches Good Lessons:

Award winning author, Sherrill Cannon, rhymes her way into a child’s heart in this adorable story, My Little Angel. Children read about the tiny angel, Angela, who stresses the importance of good manners and being polite. The little angel teaches many good lessons helping children stay safe. As a Reading Specialist for elementary aged children, I highly recommend this book which provides picture support with lovely illustrations, and rhyming words which encourages children to rhyme. The book also includes questions which promotes good discussions. My Little Angel definitely complements any early education classroom library. I bought this book for my niece to help her build a children’s library for her new born baby. She loved it! Any child or adult will want to read this lovely rhyming story with beautiful illustrations over and over again!”

Thank you, Christine Conrad Cazes for this lovely review.

My Little Angel was written with pre-schoolers and kindergarteners in mind, as well as 1st & 2nd graders, since it attempts to stress some life-lessons and safety issues for youngsters beginning their school careers.  It includes getting ready for school (or daycare), crossing the street, being polite and kind to friends, learning lessons, fastening seatbelts, awareness of stranger-danger, including pets in prayers (which was a request from a fan), and constantly reminding the child of being loved.  I hope you will share the book with your children and their friends!  The Kalpart illustrations are exceptional…

Also, please know that if you use eBay, you can get signed copies… All my books are available that way!  Just include signature requests with your purchase…