Sherrill S. Cannon Signed Books on EBay…

Just a reminder that all of my books are also available on eBay…and they can be personalized and signed!  Just put whatever personalization you would like – such as the name of the child recipient – and I will sign and mail the book(s) to you.  (I will also adjust shipping for multiple books…)

It’s been fun to see that Mice & Spiders & Webs…Oh My! has been popular on amazon lately… This book is actually a mystery book (with a surprise ending), which also teaches youngsters about computers and computer terms… not to mention how to get along in the classroom!!!   (My teen grandson remarked, …”I did not see that coming…”)

All of my other books are also available on eBay, in addition to amazon and barnesandnoble…

My author website is

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