The Manners Trilogy is Now In Maritza’s Classroom!

So happy to find this post on Facebook this morning:

Each book uses characters from the previous book to help children learn “good manners” and ways to give to others.

The Magic Word uses little Elisabeth to show children the importance of using Please and Thank You in their social relationships. Elisabeth’s mother reminds her, “What is the magic word?”

Elisabeth appears as a classmate in Gimme-Jimmy, who helps show children how to be polite and think of others (and not say “Gimme”!)  This book also uses Jimmy’s father as the main adult character…

Both Elisabeth and Jimmy appear as children advocates for bully prevention in Manner-Man, as they help the little main character (who just happens to be a caricature of my grandson, thanks to my awesome illustrator Kalpart) call for the superhero Manner-Man to help them stop bullying. Manner-Man reminds them that their own heroes are inside!

It’s been a lot of fun to continue writing about my “classroom of kids”, since many characters are recurring and other book covers are included in subsequent books.  Look for many of them in my new children’s book to be released this fall, David’s ADHD. Please stay tuned!!!

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