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A Dime is a Sign is part of a Reader Views Giveaway

A Dime is a Sign is part of the Reader Views Giveaway this month…

Monthly Giveaway Books at Reader Views

Go to the Reader Views Website, and enter for a chance to win one of any of these great books!

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Good luck!!!

Fun at the Author Expo at the Free Library of Northampton Township in Richboro, PA

It was fun to meet potential buyers as well as interact with other authors at the annual Richboro Author Expo at the Free Library of Northampton Township.  A big thank you to Linda Rowan, the Refererence Librarian who has organized this event for us for the past several years.  This year was especially nice, since our tables were set up throughout the library (instead of in the back conference room.)  The greater accessibility was appreciated by all!

Richboro Library Event

It was also fun to share my books with others!

Interacting with readers and authors…

(Another big thank you to Leah Zenker who took home one of all of my books!!  This was a first for me, other than the orders from schools…)

There is another upcoming Library Event – the Bucks County Free Library will host the 3rd Annual Local Author Expo – on November 9th from 1-3 p.m. at the Quakertown Library.  I have never shared my books there, and am looking forward to meeting some new readers!!  Thanks to Wayne Lahr of the Bucks County Free Library for organizing this event.  Hope to see some of you there!!

Another Library Event at the Quakertown Branch of the Bucks County Free Library on November 9 from 1-3

I am looking forward to the Richboro Library Event this Saturday, Oct 26 from 11-2, but will also be participating in the Quakertown Bucks County Library on the following weekend as well – November 9th from 1-3.

Quakertown Local Author Expo

All nine of my award-Winning children’s books and both poetry books will be available to peruse and purchase…

Winner of 8 Awards:  My Little Angel – Please share a day in the life of a little girl, while her guardian angel Angela sits on her shoulder and keeps her safe and guides her throughout her various activities throughout her day. It has received a Book Excellence Gold Medal, a Feathered Quill Bronze Medal, a New Apple Book Awards Official Selection, Readers’ Favorite Finalist Award, a Royal Dragonfly H.M, an IAN Book of the Year Finalist Award, and a Pinnacle Achievement Award.

Winner of 9 Awards, The Golden Rule What if you treated others the way you’d like to be treated?  What if everyone did that?  What kind of world could there be? Please join in the children’s quest to discover how to follow The Golden Rule. The book has won a Book Excellence Award Gold Medal, eLit Gold Medal, Reviewers Choice Silver Medal, Children’s Literary Classics Silver Medal & Seal of Approval, Mom’s Choice Silver, Readers Favorite Finalist Award, IAN Book of the Year Finalist and Pinnacle Achievement Award.  

Winner of 5 Awards, Mice & Spiders & Webs…Oh My! illustrates the importance of being a good listener. It also is a cute introduction to basic computer terms. Rosemary is worried about returning to school, after her teacher has warned the class that they would soon have some mice, spiders and webs in the classroom. It has won a Global eBook Gold Medal, a Bronze Medal in the FAPA Awards, a Readers’ Favorite H.M. Award, a Reader Views Reviewers Choice H.M and also a Pinnacle Achievement Award

Winner of 9 Awards, My Fingerpaint Masterpiece deals with perspective, perception and self-esteem as a child fingerpaints artwork in class, and later discovers it as part of the town’s Art Contest.  It has won a Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal in Children’s K-3, as well as their Illustrations Award, a double Finalist in the Next Generation Indie Awards, a National Indie Excellence Award, a Global eBook Bronze Medal, a Reviewer’s Choice H.M., Children’s Literary Classics Seal of Approval and a Pinnacle Award

Winner of 10 awards: Winner of the 2014 CLIPP Principals’ Award, the KART Kids Book List, the                       Reviewers Choice Award, Los Angeles Book Festival, Global eBook Silver Medal; as well as a 2013 Readers Favorite Silver Medal, National Indie Excellence Finalist, a Pinnacle Achievement Award, and H.M. in the London Book Fair and Rebecca’s Reads Awards. Manner-Man is a Superhero who helps children cope with bullies,and teaches them how to look within themselves for their own superhero.

Winner of 5 awards: Winner of the 2013 Global eBook Silver Medal, Indie Excellence Finalist and Reader Views Finalist Awards as well as the 2012 Readers Favorite Silver Medal Award and the 2012 Pinnacle Achievement WinnerAward. Gimme-Jimmy is about how a bully learns to share.  His “New Polite Rule” helps him learn to make friends.

Winner of 6 awards: Winner of the 2011 Readers Favorite Gold Medal, 2011 Pinnacle Achievement Award Winner, 2011 Global Finalist Award, 2012 Reader Views Second Place, 2012 International Book Awards Finalist, and 2012 Next Generation Indie Finalist. Elisabeth needs to learn The Magic Word “Please”, and to use it every day. Please and Thank you are words that everyone needs to use!

Winner of 2 Awards: Winner of the 2011 Readers Favorite Bronze Medal and the 2011 USA Best Books Finalist Award. Peter and the Whimper-Whineys helps parents cope with whining, disguised as a fun story. Peter is a rabbit who whines all the time, and might have to join the Whimper-Whineys.

Winner of 2 Awards: Winner of the 2011 Readers Favorite Silver Award and the 2011 Indie Excellence Finalist Award.  Santa’s Birthday Gift includes Santa in the Christmas story.

(After reading a story of the nativity to my granddaughter, she asked “But where’s Santa?”)

Winner of 12 Awards:  A Penny for Your ThoughtsHave you ever loved, been loved, been confused about love, or suffered from loss of love? All these feelings have been captured and shared in the words of heartfelt poems, compiled over many years by a former teacher and award-winning author. The variety of lyrical poetry forms include free verse, blank verse, haiku, & sonnets. The book has won a Gold Reader Views Award, and its Specialty Poetry Prize Award, Gold Feathered Quill Award, Gold New Apple Book Award, Gold Los Angeles Book Festival Winner, Gold eLit Award, Gold New Apple eBook, TopShelf Winner, Silver FAPA President’s Award, Bronze Global eBook Award, Royal Dragonfly HM & Pinnacle Award.

Winner of 8 AwardsA Dime is a Sign – This volume of poetry is a companion to A Penny for Your Thoughts, with the same feelings and the same formatting…just additional poetry!  A psychic medium once said that if you find a random dime, it is a sign that someone you have loved and lost is thinking of you… Once again, the variety of lyrical poetry forms include free verse, blank verse, haiku, & sonnets. It has received a Silver Medal Reader Views Literary Awards, Bronze Medal Award from Feathered Quill, a Book Excellence Awards Finalist, a Global eBook Awards Silver Medal, a FAPA President’s Awards Bronze Medal, a Readers Favorite Finalist Award, a New Apple Summer eBook Official Selection, as well as a Pinnacle Achievement Award

I hope to see you at the Library – Richboro or Quakertown (or both!)




Author Expo at the Free Library of Northampton Township is this Saturday, Oct. 26th, from 11:00-2:00

Fun to be a part of this Local Author Expo this coming Saturday, Oct 26th, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  The address is 25 Upper Holland Rd, Richboro, PA 18954.

Many local authors will be attending, and I will have all 9 of my Children’s Books and both Poetry Books available… I have attended this event for the past several years, and am delighted that this year the event will have authors scattered throughout the library to allow more interaction between authors and library patrons…

Hope to see you there!!




Fun When Teachers and Doctors Like My Books!

I truly love this post including Manner-Man who is a Superhero who helps children learn how to cope with bullying and encourages them to find their own superhero inside themselves!

Manner-Man in the Classroom

I especially appreciate the comments from Dr. Valerie Allen and teacher Maritza M. Mejia…

Thank you for sharing!!!



A Dime is a Sign Listing on American Book Fest Site

8 Awards for A Dime is a Sign.

Fun to get this message from the Best Book Awards

Hello Sherrill,

A Dime is a Sign Listing

Thank you for entering the 2019 Best Book Awards.

As a bonus, your book is currently featured on!

Your listing is LIVE for FIVE MONTHS starting today!

If your title places as a winner or finalist, your listing will remain up for an additional 10 months.


TITLE: A Dime is a Sign by Sherrill S. Cannon, illustrated by Kalpart




Results announced mid-November…

(I’m keeping my fingers crossed, except while texting…)

Mystery Reader to 4th Graders at Churchville Elementary School

See Art with Your Heart

I thoroughly enjoyed being the “Mystery Reader” for a 4th grade Class at Churchville Elementary School.  The students didn’t know who I was until I was announced, and were delighted to find out that I was the mother of their teacher!

My daughter, Kerry Gallagher, has been teaching for over 20 years and is the co-author of most of my published and performed plays for elementary school students!

I usually read for K-3rd graders, so it was fun to read for an older group.  I chose My Fingerpaint Masterpiece, with its emphasis on “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” approach…

Reading to the Class

The book deals with perspective, perception and self-esteem, as a child fingerpaints artwork in class and later discovers the painting as a part of the town’s Art Contest.  The story is told from the point of view of the child, (who can be either a boy or girl depending on the reader’s determination, since all illustrations are of what the child sees.)  After reading, I usually ask a class to vote on whether the main character was a boy or girl. It’s usually a 50/50 split.  This class voted that they thought the main character was a girl – interesting since when I wrote it, I had always thought it was a boy!

At any rate, My Fingerpaint Masterpiece has won 9 awards, including the Gold Medal in the Readers Favorite awards as well as winning their illustration award as well!  All of my book’s illustrations are by Kalpart!

It was fun answering questions from an older class, and at the end of the reading I shared my calling cards with the class.  One child asked me to sign my card, so the entire class formed a line…I now have lots of kids with “signed calling cards”!

(My husband for over 59 years travels with me to book readings and signings, and I was delighted to get a photo of the two of us together…)  The students took a vote about which additional book to read, and Peter and the Whimper-Whineys won!

(None of the students whine anymore…)

Perfect Response! Thank you!!

A Whine-Stopper!

Yesterday I posted about a review for Peter and the Whimper-Whineys

Loved this response!!

commented on your post

“I need to buy this! ”

Lovely Review for Peter and the Whimper-Whineys

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