Santa’s Birthday Gift now Available on Amazon

Christmas Gifts are Birthday Gifts for Jesus

Last year amazon ran out of Santa’s Birthday Gift in early November…

Fortunately it is now available again.  The book was written in response to my young granddaughter’s request for me to read her the story of the Nativity.  When I finished, she looked at me and said, “But where’s Santa?”


This book is an attempt to answer that question and to help children realize that Santa’s Birthday Gift is not about what Santa gets, but what he gives!  His gifts to children are really birthday gifts for Jesus, and they help us remember His birthday each year.

The story of the Nativity is told first, since it is important for children to learn this story…But the scene shifts to Santa at the North Pole, who is a toymaker, who sees the Star and realizes the Christ Child has been born. He stuffs some toys in a sack, and wearing his red snow suit runs out to the barn to hitch up his reindeer to his sleigh. He travels a long way, but runs out of snow and isn’t sure what to do – so he looks at the sky and offers a prayer and suddenly his reindeer are able to fly!!   When he gets to the stable, he kneels before Jesus and promises he will bring gifts each year to children to celebrate His birth.  When he sees all the others celebrating and giving gifts, he discovers that his sack of toys never empties…so he gives gifts to everyone in the town, jumps in his sleigh, and delivers gifts to children all over the world!

One of my favorite reactions was of a little girl who read the book and then told her mother, “Now I get it!”

Please Note: For the benefit of a few who have purchased the book and then questioned its authenticity, please note that it has a cover showing Santa  kneeling at the manger.  This book is a way to try to bring the two traditions together, to help children realize the true meaning of Christmas,  and is a work of fiction…(By the way, the entire story came to me in a dream, with rhyming words that flowed onto the page, so…?)


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