Forgotten 3rd Grade Christmas Poem, at age 7…

I love the way my illustrator, Kalpart, kept the star as the source of light for all the lovely illustrations in Santa’s Birthday Gift. 

I recently discovered this poem that my mother had saved…

Many have asked when I started writing poetry and I always have responded that it was at about age 4, but that I had lost the collection of those earliest poems.

I recently discovered this 3rd Grade Christmas poem, written at age 7.  Yes, I skipped a year.)

Happy December 1st… the first day of Advent…!


Star in the sky,

Twinkling your eye…

Are you big?

Are you small?

Are you fat?

Are you tall?


I am small,

And I am tall…

I’m the star in the sky

That shone in baby Jesus’s eye.


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