David’s ADHD has Arrived… Another Kalpart Cover Reveal!

David’s ADHD!!!

David’s ADHD has arrived… Such a cute cover by Kalpart Illustrations!

Stay tuned for availability…

There is a lovely quote on the back of the book…

David’s ADHD is a timely topic for parents and children. A story in rhyme that demystifies ADHD. It explains a youngster’s behavior in terms of his inattentiveness and impulsivity and how it impacts those around him. A sensitive way of creating understanding for children with ADHD and their families.”  ….Dr. Valerie Allen – Licensed School Psychologist

I hope this book will help kids with ADHD learn ways to cope, and that classmates will understand and learn to be patient and understanding.

This book includes my “classroom of kids”, with many characters from my previous children’s books, and I hope that some of my readers discover that David has been in the classroom for a long time!

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