Another Lovely Review for David’s ADHD from Readers’ Favorite

I’m happy to share another lovely review forDavid’s ADHD from Readers’ Favorite..

Reviewed by Jamie Michele for Readers’ Favorite

“David’s ADHD by Sherrill S. Cannon is a children’s book that follows the main character, David, as he and his parents try to figure out and come to terms with David’s inability to focus and remain calm in situations that warrant either or both. School is difficult for David as he has trouble paying attention in class and he often gets into squabbles with the other children at school, who no longer want to be friends with him. His parents love him very much and are proactive in finding out where David’s complications stem from. When he is diagnosed with ADHD, his parents, therapist, and teachers work together on a structured plan for David so that he is able to redirect his energy productively and allot day-to-day activities and work into manageable slots of time.

Told in a rhyming narrative, David’s ADHD is as good for parents as it is for children. Sherrill S. Cannon brings a difficult and often misunderstood disorder to light in a sympathetic and constructive way, showing not only how ADHD impacts David, but also those who surround him on a daily basis. As a parent, I found this to book to be of comfort, particularly as ADHD is part of daily life in my family. I recognized many of the things David experienced, particularly difficulty making and retaining friends due to uncontrolled outbursts, and the grab bag (in our home it’s a reward’s chart) to incentivize positive steps forward. The illustrations are good and the message is excellent. Recommended.”

I found it rewarding to realize that this reviewer experiences ADHD and its social complications in her own family, and that she recommends this book to others.  She endorses, supported by “verified experience”!!  I am grateful for her recommendation.


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