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2 More Awards for David’s ADHD! Feathered Quill has awarded a Silver Medal in Both Children’s Early Readers and Poetry!

So nice to get the following announcement from Ellen Feld of the prestigious  Feathered Quill Book Awards:

(Sherrill – you must be getting used to winning by now! – Ellen)

Dear Sherrill:

We are excited to announce that the book “David’s ADHD” has won the Silver/2nd Place award in the 2020 Feathered Quill Book Awards Program for both the Children’s Early Readers and Poetry categories!

Congratulations!  This year, the entries more than doubled from last year (and last year was significantly up from the previous year).  Your title rose to the top and you should be quite proud.

Silver Medal

I especially loved the Feathered Quill Book Awards Judges’ Comments:-

– on the covers: nice drawing, lovely colors, font is fun…

– I think this book will help both kids and parents. Great info in regards to ADHD that would help classrooms/students

– rhyming is very difficult but the author does it very well. The book is very informative and shows support and friendship for David from other kids which I really like. Usually ADHD books are all about bullying.

– the author aptly covers the topic of ADHD, translating its complexities through words and pictures into a language that children, particularly K-2, can understand.

– kudos to the author for creating a well-written and timely educational read.

The complete list of winners will be listed soon… but I wanted to share ASAP.

Please share this book with your children as well as their teachers… Let’s help everyone understand ADHD, and let classroom friendships develop!




Lovely New 5-Star Review for David’s ADHD

David’s ADHD 5 Stars

I’m pleased to share another lovely 5-Star review for David’s ADHD, just posted on amazon.

Reviewed in the United States on January 23, 2020

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase


Thanks so much for capturing the intent of the book, and sharing its message!



Isabel Likes David’s ADHD

Fun Sharing with Isabel

I enjoyed spending time with my grand-niece and birthday-buddy (we are both Valentines!) and discovering that she has been coping with ADHD for a while.  She was so happy to get a copy of David’s ADHD, and I enjoyed hearing her verify many of the concepts in the book!

Thank you Maritza M Mejia for the Lovely Endorsement

Many thanks to Maritza M. Mejia for the lovely post about David’s ADHD

Lovely Review

 ” David’s ADHD with excellent rhyme by author Sherrill S. Cannon and colorful illustrations by Kalpart introduces the subject of ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder) in an easy way. It clearly explains why they behave as they do and what challenges they face. I learned that medication is not the only treatment for ADHD. It is a great tool not only for children, but also to caregivers who work with kids like David.
I particularly liked how the book includes other characters from previous books and develops David’s progress as his parents consults with doctors, work on his new schedule, excels on his computer skills and finds ways to calm and sooth David’s active behavior.
I most highly recommended David’s ADHD. We welcome David’s ADHD on my special shelf!”

She also suggests some activities to use with the book to engage the students.

This makes my heart smile!!









David’s ADHD has a New YouTube Video Trailer!

So happy to share the video trailer for David’s ADHD… 

Thank you to Brynmor Productions and to Marta Moran Bishop for the lovely voiceover – and to Kalpart for the awesome illustrations!!

Please take a look!!

Lovely Review by 5-yr Old Reviewer for Reader Views Kids, for David’s ADHD

Pinnacle Award Winner

Thanks to Reader Views Kids for this lovely review, provided by a 5-year old Reviewer (with a note from her mother)… So great to get a child’s perspective!


David’s ADHD  by Sherrill S. Cannon 


Reviewed by Lydia (Age 5) for Reader Views Kids (1/2020) 

“David’s ADHD” by Sherrill S. Cannon is about a little boy named David who has trouble focusing and paying attention at school. The beginning of the book describes what David does or doesn’t do because of his ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), and it is neat how the other kids in his class are very understanding and do not get mad at him for no reason. 

The story tells how David’s parents figured out that there was something different about David because he would get mad easily with simple things like tying his shoes and drawing pictures. He would get mad and be mean to other kids and push them, which made other kids not want to play with him because he would hurt them. Eventually, David’s dad knew he wasn’t acting like normal and his parents took him to the doctor. The doctor did some tests and they found out there is a problem in his head. David has something wrong with him when he hears something, what he hears doesn’t go through his brain normally like it does for me. 

For some kids they will have to take medicine to help them to focus but for others they will be able to be okay with making lists and doing things in order all of the time. I liked this book because the other kids were nice to David. I also liked the pictures and how they told their part of the story by looking at them. I think that if I get to know someone with ADHD then I will be able to remember this story and know that they might not be able to help the way they are acting. I feel kind of bad for people with ADHD since it sounds like it’s hard to have, but the author made it sound like they have it under control. 

Note from Mom: From someone who has an interest in learning about mental disorders and anything that has to do with my child in the classroom, I enjoyed reading this to Lydia. I have been familiar with ADHD for many years now, but just in name – now I know more about the issue by reading my child this children’s book. I also enjoyed the pictures and the whole storyline. The words rhymed well, and everything flowed as it should. I am impressed with the list of accomplishments by Cannon from her past books – a good indicator that her future work will be just as good or better. 


Fun Message about David’s ADHD!

I love this photo a Mom sent to me today of her son who has ADHD…

Her comment was,

…”Thank you for the book! It was hard to get him to sit still without an iPad, as you can tell from his blurry hands, but we enjoyed your book!!

I hope many more children will read and enjoy this book, and learn more about coping with ADHD, understanding it – and making friends!




Another 5-star Review for David’s ADHD

I was delighted to find this lovely 5-star review on amazon for David’s ADHD:

“My son received this book as a gift, and I am so happy that he got it and that I read it.
Having seen children that seem to have too much energy and are acting up, but not being familiar with ADHD, I learned a lot about ADHD, how to help children who have it and to accept the fact that they need patience, kindness, and understanding.
Ms. Cannon, wrote this charming rhyming book with colorful drawings by Kalpart, and it is a masterfully told way to learn, teach, and help those children who have ADHD learn coping skills.
I highly recommend this book. The verses are wonderful, the drawings great, and the story one that definitely needs to be told.”

I hope you will share this book, not only with children coping with ADHD and their parents, but their friends and classmates as well – and perhaps use as a gift to teachers and school libraries.  Let’s help all children feel included!!