Another 5-star Review for David’s ADHD

I was delighted to find this lovely 5-star review on amazon for David’s ADHD:

“My son received this book as a gift, and I am so happy that he got it and that I read it.
Having seen children that seem to have too much energy and are acting up, but not being familiar with ADHD, I learned a lot about ADHD, how to help children who have it and to accept the fact that they need patience, kindness, and understanding.
Ms. Cannon, wrote this charming rhyming book with colorful drawings by Kalpart, and it is a masterfully told way to learn, teach, and help those children who have ADHD learn coping skills.
I highly recommend this book. The verses are wonderful, the drawings great, and the story one that definitely needs to be told.”

I hope you will share this book, not only with children coping with ADHD and their parents, but their friends and classmates as well – and perhaps use as a gift to teachers and school libraries.  Let’s help all children feel included!!

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