Special Review of David’s ADHD from a 6th grader…

Lovely 5th grader Review

I received this lovely, mature review for David’s ADHD from a 6th grade budding author… It is wonderful to learn that she is able to relate.



David’s ADHD – by Nell – a 6th grade student 

“I’ve been meaning to share my thoughts with you about your book, David’s ADHD. I recently read it on the kindle, and I really enjoyed it! I love how you make each part rhyme! I also appreciated how you talked about how he was learning to cope with and accept his condition at the end of the story. That is something that I think about as well, having a disease of my own.

I felt that I was really able to connect with David’s feelings in the story. The way you describe his experience really conveys his true feelings. He must have experienced lots of frustration at first, as I did as well, but sometimes these hard things make us better people. In the end, I think that David learned to better understand himself as a learner, and just as a person, after going through those obstacles in the beginning.

Thank you so much for sharing your book with me! I really enjoyed reading it.


I hope this book will help other kids and their parents, caregivers and teachers!  Please share…



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