Two of My Worlds Meet – Children’s Stories and Children’s Plays

I have been corresponding with a FB friend, Bastian Greve, who is an author and poet and lives in Germany. He expressed interest in how to purchase a couple of my books for his children.  (The Golden Rule and My Little Angel)  Having discovered that amazon won’t send books or ebooks to Germany, I decided to mail the books to Bastian.

I hope you can imagine and share in my delight to discover that two of my worlds were meeting.  I am also a the author, along with my elementary school teacher daughter, of seven published and internationally performed plays for grades K-6 which have been produced in over 23 countries…

Here’s some of the string of our conversation:

I immediately shared this exchange with my daughter, Kerry Gallagher, and we were both so happy to get this feedback.  If anyone is interested in the other plays as well, they are all available at Lazybee Scripts

Lazy Bee Scripts


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