Lovely New 5-Star Review for David’s ADHD by the Reading Authors Network

So happy to receive this lovely 5-star review from the Reading Authors Network!

David’s ADHD by Sherrill S. Cannon #review #childrensbooks #differentabilities #atozchallenge

Does your child have ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)?

Meet David, one of award-winning author Sherrill S. Cannon’s “Classroom of Kids,” who manages his ADHD with the help of classmates.

David discovers ways to cope with his hyperactive brain, while learning how to calm and soothe his ADHD. Solutions include setting daily schedules and following simple rules that regulate behavior. His teachers and therapists encourage using the computer for academic advancement, and to establish a pattern for study as well as for occasional recreation. David not only learns self-control and communication skills, but is able to fit into the classroom and make friends.

My review:
There has not been one book that Sherrill S Cannon has written that I have not liked. Her stories for children have always been point on and needed to help children help themselves. This book is no exception.

This time the author tackles the problem of ADHD but from the standpoint of the child who has it, “David”. David’s problem is causing disruption in his parents, school, and himself. With the help of his classmates and family, he learns ways to control his behavior and gain  support.

As always, Kalpart illustrators do an excellent job in making Sherrill’s “kids” come to life with bright and bold illustrations. Also, don’t forget to look for other books by the author that have been cleverly hidden.

Told completely in rhyme, this book is more than just a book to help children to understand other kids like David. This book is a resource that should be in every home and school! In the back of the book are resources parents can use to help their own children who suffer from ADHD.

I highly recommend this 5 star book!  Amazon


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