How a Bully Learns to Share…Gimme-Jimmy

How a Bully Learns to Share

Gimme-Jimmy is the 2nd book in what I call my Manners Trilogy, preceded by The Magic Word and followed by Manner-Man.

Winner of 5 awards: Winner of the 2013 Global eBook Silver Medal, Indie Excellence Finalist and Reader Views Finalist Awards as well as the 2012 Readers Favorite Silver Medal Award and the 2012 Pinnacle Achievement Winner Award.

Gimme-Jimmy is about how a bully learns to share.  His “New Polite Rule” helps him learn to make friends. ISBN 978-1-61897-267-5


A couple of reviews posted on amazon include:

“Gimme-Jimmy is another amazing story by award-winning author, Sherrill S. Cannon. Gimme-Jimmy uses rhyming verse that makes reading this book easy and fun. Kids just stick to the charming catchy text, and learn to be polite and well-behaved. Cannon’s books do miracles of teaching good manners to children in an entertaining way.  A boy named Jimmy is rude and acts like a bully. Jimmy’s father warns him that if Jimmy does not improve his behavior, his hand will grow larger and larger from snatching things that are not his. Suddenly, Jimmy notices that his hand is growing large and he cannot even move it. Will Jimmy get his hand back to the normal size or will it grow even larger? …”

“My four year old son just loves this book. It has been such a nice springboard to have the conversation about sharing and being polite — and the growing hand is a literal way for me to explain to him that it is important to use his manners. I love the rhyme and meter (makes reading to him fun for both of us!) I highly recommend this book!”

This book is also somewhat unusual in that it is a story involving a father and son.

Another fun fact is that previous readers will find the character Elisabeth from The Magic Word in the illustrations, as well as some of her classmates.  These children reoccur in following books, so there is a cast of familiar characters in each succeeding release. I am always careful to include children of all colors and nationalities in the illustrations, so that every child can find himself/herself in each book.  My illustrator, Kalpart, is awesome!!!  Please enjoy!!!





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  1. Stine Writing

    Do you self publish or use a publisher? I used what I now know as a vanity press and it cost me so much money. Yes, I have published books but I will never see a return on that investment.



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