Bedtime Read Favorite – The Magic Word – Please Read!

Please Read

I love to get photos of kids enjoying my books… Here’s a young fan reading one of his favorites… Please do the same!!

One of my favorite reviews:

“This book has to be the best book to teach about how to treat others. My grandbaby, who I have custody of, was trying to be a bully and then we read Sherrill’s book to her. She loved this book and I believe that the message finally clicked in her little brain and she got it. Now, she wants this particular book read to her everyday. She has all of the books from Sherrill Cannon and she loves them all. My 15 year old loves them also. We all enjoy reading them, she is like the modern day Dr Seuss. Ashlyn, my grand daughter, would not sit down to listen to a full book before Sherrill’s books and now she loves books. Thank you Sherrill.”




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