Santa’s Birthday Gift is about what Santa Gives, Not Gets!

Hopefully everyone had a nice, if strange, Thanksgiving…and that you have a lot to be thankful for!  Now that Christmas is around the corner, it’s time to remind you of my special Christmas book, Santa’s Birthday Gift.  Often children need to be reminded that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of the Christ Child – not just that Santa will soon be bringing gifts!

One Christmas  I read the story of the Nativity to my then 4-year old granddaughter. When I got to the end, she looked at me and asked, “But where’s Santa?”  That night, the story of Santa’s Birthday Gift came to me in a dream… and the next day, when  I sat down to write it, the story unfolded with many little questions answered in a way a child could understand…

The story of the Nativity is told first, because that is the true meaning of Christmas.  The story continues with what happened at the North Pole when the toymaker, Santa Claus, saw the Star – and how he was able to fly to Bethlehem in a sleigh pulled by his reindeer! It shows Santa kneeling before Baby  Jesus and promising to bring toys to children each year in celebration of His birth – so  Christmas gifts are really birthday gifts for Jesus!   The story tells of Santa wanting to share his toys and gifts with the shepherds and Kings gathered in the stable, and discovering that his sack of toys never emptied!  So he was able to go out through the town and up in the sky to deliver his toys to all children.

Later, after the book was published, a parent wrote to me and said that after she read the story to her daughter, she responded, “Now I get it!”

So I hope that many of you will take a look at this special book, and understand that it is about what Santa gives…not gets.  Santa promises to bring gifts to children at Christmas time to celebrate the Christ Child’s birthday…

Please have a lovely Christmas…




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