Facebook Find…Sharing a Post I Found, Reminding Me of “A Dime is A Sign”

I found this lovely post on Facebook, and am happy to share it here!  Thank you to Kelly’s Treehouse for sharing…

This is from A Dime is a Sign…  Finding a dime is a sign that someone you have loved and lost is thinking of you!

A Dime is a Sign Through Time

If you find a dime

You will know that I’m

Sending thoughts of love

Through the veil of time.

Ten cents with a silver shine

A sense sent you to help remind

That someone that left you behind

Is always living in your mind.

Sending love and vibes

Felt as psychic sighs…

The ones that you miss

Send you a kiss…

                                                                                …Sherrill S. Cannon

(I love cardinals too!  My children and grands call them “Gammy Birds” for my mother!)

And don’t forget Pennies!  Remember Pennies from Heaven?  My first poetry book is A Penny for Your Thoughts…  Find your feelings in words…

A Dozen Awards for Penny

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