Lovely 5-Star Readers Favorite Review for The Golden Rule Coloring Book

Reviewed By Deborah Lloyd for Readers’ Favorite

Author Sherrill S. Cannon has created a wonderful new children’s book titled The Golden Rule Coloring Book. Robert and his sister Kait are on a quest to find the golden ruler. As it is made of gold, Robert thinks it would be quite nice to own and worth a good price. After searching in their school, they soon realize what they’re looking for is not a ruler, but rather a rule that could not be seen. It is a rule “to live by, to give and to share, a way to treat others to show that you care.” The Golden Rule means to think and act with your head and your heart. It teaches children an essential life lesson. 

Sherrill S. Cannon has penned a delightful rhyming story to teach the golden rule. As Robert and Kait learn about the concept, many practical examples are given. For example, a child can share a snack, a toy, or a book. She also includes the example of not hitting back when another child hits you and the concept of paying it forward. Parents have many opportunities to teach children the golden rule and reiterate these concepts during reading times. Kalpart adds another dimension to this book: the illustrations on the rhyming pages are lovely and colorful. And every other page is a coloring page so that a child can add their unique perspective to the book. Learning the golden rule can be fun! The children’s book, The Golden Rule Coloring Book, crafted by Sherrill S. Cannon, would be a great addition to any child’s library.

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