Copies of My Fingerpaint Masterpiece Coloring Book Have Arrived for the Children of Uvalde

My newest release, My Fingerpaint Masterpiece Coloring Book, has on the Acknowledgements Page, the following:

“Prayers for Peace and please keep all your angel students under your wings… Remembering teachers Irma Garcia, and Eva Mireles and the little Angels of Uvalde: Alithia, Amerie, Annabell, Eliahna, Ellie, Jackie, Jailah, Jayce, Jose, Layla, Lexi, Maite, Makenna, Maranda, Nevaeh, Rojelio, Tessa, Uziyah, and Xavier…”

I sent several signed copies of the book to the Uvalde Together Resiliency Center for the families of the two teachers, plus copies for the elementary school libraries…

Please take a moment to remember these children, and help keep their memories alive in those they left behind…


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